How to burn a cd disc?

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How to burn a cd disc?

CDs are so densely included in our lives that no one thinks about how this is a new and revolutionary technology for humanity as a whole. Indeed, in fact, the first CD-R discs began to be produced only in 1988. Then they were called, by the way, CD Write-Once (WO). The history of the CD-R is interesting in itself, as well as the device drives. But this article is devoted to the more practical side of the question: how to burn a CD correctly.

Burn CD

Information is recorded on the disk by a laser beam in a special device - a CD recorder. The energy of the beam is absorbed by the dye deposited on the disk, and because of this, some areas change their reflectivity. By the way, “burn through” is not an entirely correct term, because it does not fully describe the process. In the process of recording a disc, so-called “pits” are formed - areas with worse transparency.

We now turn to the practical side of the issue, namely, how to burn a CD. First you need to decide on the program, which we will use. Today, there are a great many of them, from the simplest, designed for a novice user, to powerful universal programs,to understand which is sometimes difficult.

Nero burning rom

CD recording

Writing files in mp3 format to a CD-R or CD-RW disc is not at all difficult. You can use the program.

  1. Insert a blank disc into the drive.
  2. Make sure the system recognizes it correctly. The disc must be 100% clean.
  3. Open the program.
  4. We add the necessary files to it.
  5. Click "Burn" and select the speed.
  6. We wait. The process takes up to 5 minutes.

Windows media player

There are many formats for audio files today, but the most popular is mp3. However, there are still lots of devices that use a form of CDA. In fact, a disc recorded in a similar format is a digital analogue of a vinyl record. It can not contain more than 15-20 songs. To burn such a disc is very easy. We need a blank disc and a standard Windows Media Player.

  1. Insert the blank disc into the drive. As a rule, the program itself recognizes it and offers to make an entry in a special menu.
  2. Select the first line of the menu ("Burn audio CD using Windows Media Player").
  3. Windows Media Player will start on the screen with the recording tab open.CD recording
  4. Drag the necessary files into the "Record List" window.
  5. Do not forget about the name of the album, which will be recorded.
  6. It is very important that the total recording time be no more than 80 minutes. Otherwise, nothing happens.
  7. It remains the final touch. Once again, we double-check that we have chosen the right tracks, put them in the right order and the name suits us. Next, click "Start recording". The procedure can take up to 5 minutes.

If your tracks on your computer are stored in mp3 format - do not worry, Windows Media Player can convert them to CDA itself.

In addition to the programs presented, this task can be handled by:

  • Easy CD-DA Extractor;
  • Ashampoo Burning Studio Free;
  • CDBurnerXP Pro;
  • BurnAware Free;
  • Nero LINUX;
  • Small CD-writer;
  • FinalBurner Free;
  • InfraRecoder.

CD-R and CD-RW

Blank CDs are of two kinds: CD-R and CD-RW. The difference between them is that information can be written only once to a CD-R disc. CD-RW (abbreviated from CD-Rewritable) is a standard for reusable CDs.

Write speed

The important term “write speed” refers to how fast your data can be written to disk. There is a one-speed standard, 150 Kb / sec, and markings 2x, 4x, 6x, etc. indicate how many times it can be exceeded when recording this disc.

Note that the write speed does not depend on the read speed. If the disc has a range from 1x to 16x - feel free to choose any convenient one. The higher the write speed, the greaterCD recordingchance to improve one of the main indicators of the disk - BLER.This abbreviation stands for "Block Error Rate". With the help of this term they designate the frequency with which blocks of information with erroneous bytes appear on the disk. If you do not go deep into the theory, then you should remember that the BLER indicator well characterizes the quality of the disk as a whole. There are several disc quality classes: Grade A (BLER less than six) - high quality, Grade B (BLER less than 50) - good quality, Grade C (BLER less than 100) - satisfactory quality, and Grade D - poor quality (BLER less than 220). The last class is better not to use. There is a danger of losing all the information.

Disk capacity

Standard disc volume is 74 minutes of stereo sound. If you translate it into megabytes, the value will be 650 MB. When CD technology first appeared, it was a huge amount of information. But progress does not stand still, and now such a number will not surprise anyone. Developers have increased the insufficient capacity of disks in a very simple way. The fact is that the laser beam from the center to the edge of the disk moves along a special spiral path, so the developers simply made this spiral already. Disks with a capacity of up to 99 minutes have appeared, but these models are not read on all drives.Practice shows that it is better not to use disks with a capacity of more than 700 MB.