How to bury nose drops for young children

The choice of drug and its use

The doctor should pick up the drops for a small child. Only an expert will be able to determine the true nature of the head cold in a child, whether it is viral, bacterial or allergic. Together with nasal drops in the pharmacy, you need to buy pipettes if the medicine bottle does not have a special dropper cap. It is necessary to apply drops very carefully, as excess of a dosage can provoke a poisoning.

Rules for the instillation of nasal drops in children

It is possible to bury drops to the child in the half-sitting position, sitting with the head thrown and lying down. It is better to perform the procedure together with an assistant who will hold the arms, legs and head of the baby. Before performing the manipulation, check the bottle label, which drops are taken, wash hands thoroughly. If you need to use a pipette, then first pour it with boiling water.Immediately prepare two or three balls of clean cotton.
Immediately before use, it is recommended to warm the drops. For these purposes, they can hold a little in their hands. If the drops are in a large bottle, take some kind of container (for example, a teaspoon), then lower it into strongly heated water. Pour a few drops of the preparation into a heated spoon, so they will get the necessary heat from it. This procedure must be performed extremely carefully so as not to overheat the medicine, which can lose its qualities from exposure to high temperatures.
For instillation, 2-3 drops of the drug will be enough, so do not fill the pipette completely, in order to avoid overdose. Dial the desired volume, then make sure that the drops do not flow into the rubber part, for this, hold the pipette vertically.

The technique of instillation of nose drops in young children

Pre-clean your baby nasal passages with a small syringe. Type the required amount of funds in the pipette. During the instillation of the right half of the nose, tilt the baby's head to the left and vice versa.
Insert two or three drops in the nose, while trying not to touch the nasal course with a pipette, so as not to cause painful sensations if the baby makes a very sharp movement.
For thirty seconds, leave the child's head in the same position so that the drug is evenly distributed over the nasal mucosa.