How to buy a house in Skyrim?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
February 7, 2013
How to buy a house in Skyrim?

Recently, Skyrim has been gaining popularity. Many users with enthusiasm plunged into the boundless world of adventure. However, despite this, some of the nuances of the game are unknown to the players. In this article we will talk about how to buy a house in Skyrim.

Acquisition of real estate

The game Skyrim offers players an alternative opportunity in the form of acquiring some houses. Any player can make such a purchase. Some restrictions should be taken into account. The fact is that you can buy a house in Skyrim only in certain cities and in limited quantities. When buying a house, the player receives one bodyguard, as well as the opportunity to make updates to this house.

Upgrades such as barrels, extra shelves for books, wardrobes and dressing rooms, chests, mannequins, stands and weapon racks, special tools for improving things, as well as an alchemical laboratory are available for real estate in the game.

If the character has a spouse, then he can make a home store from this house.In addition, spouses have the opportunity to cook meals, as well as save some things.

General information about the houses in the game

So, you can buy houses in the game Skyrim in cities such as Windhelm, Winterhold, and Whiteran. In addition, houses for sale in Solitude, Riften and Markarth are for sale. The cost of such houses may be different. Usually the price in these cities will vary between 8 and 25 thousand gold coins. In addition, improvements are available in these homes. Improving your own home, the player must also pay money. Usually the cost of home improvements can range from 1.8 thousand to 11 thousand gold coins. Having several houses, a player can move his spouse to another house.

Buying a home is easy. In order to get this opportunity, you need to contact the ruler of the Jarl and execute his instructions. After this, the building will be available for purchase.

For example, to buy a house in Vajtrane, you need to complete the first paragraph of the main storyline. After killing the very first dragon on the instructions of the ruler, the player gets the opportunity to purchase a house in this city for only 5,000 gold coins. After killing a monster, the player receives the status of a tan, and with it the opportunity to purchase real estate.

There are also houses in the game that cannot be bought, but they are needed to complete quests, find special non-player characters, and also just to complete the task. This property includes the House of Horrors and the House of the World Eater. In addition, you can not buy the burnt and abandoned at home. Homes such as the House of the Companions, Lydia, Marget, Mercer and Warm Winds are also needed for quests and unavailable for purchase.