How to buy a house?

Buying a country house, as well as any other real estate, is a lengthy process and requires special attention. First of all, before you buy a private house, you need to decide on priorities - how far from the city should housing be, whether you need a reservoir in the vicinity, what communications do you want to have, what amount do you plan to spend, etc. besides, it is worth deciding what you are by no means willing to put up with. So, if the house will be used exclusively for summer holidays, you can sacrifice the proximity to city life and some benefits of civilization, thereby saving on the purchase of real estate. If the purpose of acquiring a home for permanent residence is to consider the mileage from housing to work and / or educational institutions, the quality of roads, especially in autumn and spring, as well as the presence of all communications to the house.

After all the factors are determined, you can go to a real estate agency, tell the realtor all your wishes and wait for you to select a variety of options.However, any real estate office, of course, will take from you a certain amount, the so-called percentage for the services provided. If you are interested in the question of how to buy a house cheaply without intermediaries, you should seek help from friends or advertise in newspapers and / or place it on free boards on the Internet. Most likely, submitting an ad, you will most often be called by representatives of various real estate agencies, but among such calls you will definitely get what you need.

So, when you have decided on the object of purchase, a new question arises: how to buy a house? That is, how to execute the documents so that the transaction is considered valid. At this stage, it is necessary to make sure that the seller has the right-setting documents, namely:

  • Certificate of state registration of ownership of the house. And if the house was built by the seller - the act of acceptance;
  • Technical passport from BTI, which includes: site plan, description of buildings and their purpose with a floor plan;
  • Extract-reference from the house book, if people were registered in the house;
  • Certificate of title to land.

At the next stage, you need to prepare your documents, such as identity documents of both spouses, birth certificates of children, marriage certificate or its termination, and if there is - a marriage contract. So, in general, that is all, with the collected package of documents, you can go to the appropriate authority for the transaction. Now you know how to buy a house with a plot without intermediaries and yet, in order to avoid meeting with fraudsters and not to lose your savings, it is better to entrust the conduct of the transaction to professionals who, like no one, are interested in conducting the transaction to the end and legally competently written documents.

Purchase of housing in the mortgage

It is known that many people dream of buying a country house, but what if the funds to buy real estate are not enough? Well, of course, you should pay attention to mortgage lending. But before you ask how to buy a house on a mortgage, you need to take into account some of the nuances. After all, if buying an apartment in a mortgage is a standard lending for a bank, then acquiring a private house has some risk and many contradictions.

What are lenders interested in?

You should immediately prepare all the information on your structure in order to quickly and clearly answer all questions arising in connection with this. This will allow you to quickly reach an agreement and proceed to a deal.

  • From what material the building was erected, what walls and foundation it has. Most likely, the bank will treat favorably the building of brick or concrete, rather than a wooden house.
  • The proximity to the city and the infrastructure of the area in which the property is located. So, a private house in the city or a house located in a developed cottage village will make a greater impression on lenders, unlike a detached house or a house in a deaf village.
  • The available communications to the house (water, gas, electricity, etc.).
  • The seller has all the documents on the ownership of the house and the land plot.

In addition, banks are interested in your creditworthiness (that is, your income and permanent job), a positive credit history, and there may even be a lack of debts for utilities. Based on these factors, bank experts calculate the maximum possible loan amount and the amount of its monthly repayment.

Construction of a private house

There is another way to become the owner of a private house. This is buying land and building a house on it. And here, again, for the consumer, there are two options - to build a building on your own or trust a construction company, which together with you will create a project for the future of your home and turn in a turnkey job.

When choosing a developer company, you need to pay attention to the following questions:

  • Does the company guarantee new built homes?
  • How long has the company been in this real estate industry;
  • Can they acquaint the client with their houses already built or under construction?
  • Can they give contacts to their past clients;
  • Is there a guarantee for the roof of the house;
  • Availability of service after construction.

In addition, it is necessary to clarify:

  • amount of advance payment;
  • payment scheme - in stages or at the end of construction, minus the cost of building materials;
  • exact deadlines for construction;
  • the possibility of visiting the construction site during the work.

In the case of housing construction, as well as in the case of its acquisition, you can use the banking service of mortgage lending.The main factor in taking a loan for the construction of a private house is the state registration of ownership of the land and, as in the case of buying a house in a mortgage, the location of the intended object of real estate development.

And finally, everyone who wondered how to buy a house, wants to get comfort, peace and clean environment. Therefore, I would like to remind you that the purchase of real estate brings only joy for many years, you should really evaluate your capabilities and trust the specialists. Also, the choice must be careful and take into account the needs of all its future tenants. We hope you will be helped by the rules of buying a home listed by us.