How to name the program?

Elena Melnichenko
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How to name the program?

If you are working on creating software, you need to think carefully about how to name the program. Indeed, from the name may depend on its further development.

On the rules for the selection of titles for programs talk in our article.

We select the name of the program

It is worth noting that the creator can choose any name for his software, but it is necessary to remember a few points:

  • Subject / specific program. The name of the program should reflect what is in it. For example, if you create a new application that allows you to easily read various formats, then the name may contain the word �read� in various forms or �read� (very often English names for programs): �Read it� or �allreader�.
  • Lecture hall. Important in the selection of the name is the monitoring of the audience for which this product is developed. If this is an easy game for children, then the name should be interesting and understandable for children.For example, �Gnome BOBO� (if the main character is in a game or a Dwarf program) or �Drawing with a Snowflake� (if the program is aimed at developing drawing skills in children).
  • Manufacturer / creator of the program. Sometimes the title also indicates the name of the author of this application, by analogy with Kaspersky Anti-Virus.
  • In addition, the name may be a suitable word or phrase. Here everything depends on the creator�s imagination, the most important thing is that the name should be suitable for the software product: you shouldn�t call a serious program a ridiculous or ridiculous word, or a children's application - a difficult expression to understand.

Criteria for the selection of names

Choosing the name, you must adhere to some criteria:

  • Simplicity and availability. The title should be simple and at the same time accessible to the understanding of the relevant audience.
  • Uniqueness. This aspect is important because if you already have a product with a similar name, users can confuse it with an analogue, and manufacturers can sue you for plagiarism (if their name is patented).
  • Creativity. Also, do not invent too simple names; the user must be interested in your program even before the first use.
  • Brevity.Too long names are hard to remember.