How to call a wife?

Galina Uneasy
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How to call a wife?

After the wedding, the newlyweds face many different questions about how to properly and comfortably organize their life. But when settling various material issues, it is also necessary to remember about the important thing in the family - communication.

Much depends on how the spouses call each other. But it is much easier for a woman to come up with a tender nickname than a man, most often a laconic in nature. Men are concerned about how to call their wife so that she likes it and does not offend.

Classification of affectionate nicknames

Affectionate nicknames can be divided into several subspecies. Choosing an animal's nickname for a wife: �kitten�, �hedgehog�, �birdie� - a man subconsciously focuses attention on the fact that he will be eager to take care of her. Nicknames, snacks, such as "donut", "berry", "my sweet", will tell the woman that her husband can not do without it, that she is very expensive and desirable. If the husband wants to tell his wife that she is for him the whole world, then the nicknames �my universe�, �my asterisk� will let her know about it.

Diminutive nicknames, such as �baby�, �knopa�, �pupa�, say that a man wants to be a defender for his wife, a �big� husband, behind whose back she will find protection. Nicknames of a sexual nature suggest that a husband sees his wife as a sexual object in the first place. If the wife is a creative person, then she will like the senseless nickname �pusya�, �kusinka�, individual, and no one else�s.

Nicknames offenders

Sometimes a man does not know what to call his wife affectionately and at the same time point out some uncomfortable details. Here the nicknames like �stinker�, �wicked.� At the same time, these nicknames are cute, but they can also point out some flaws with which, however, the man is willing to put up.

A lot depends on how a husband calls his wife, and his wife - a husband. But still the main thing is intonation, with which the spouses turn to each other, as well as actions that should not diverge from the words. After all, even the sweetest nickname, said in an ominous tone, will rather scare than bring joy to the one to whom it will be addressed.