How to catch mice?

October 23, 2014
How to catch mice?

Mice exist everywhere: in private houses and cottages, in elite cottages and high-rise buildings. The ability of these animals to penetrate into difficult, seemingly places - is amazing. They do not stop neither the height nor the strength of the structure. Especially in the winter time, mice are capable of searching for any "feats" in search of food.

If there are mice in your house (in the kitchen, in the pantry, in the bathroom), you need to get rid of them urgently. After all, rodents are active carriers of many diseases that pose a risk to human health. In addition, your reserves for the winter are likely to suffer. Here all the methods are good. How to catch the mouse in various ways, you will learn from this article.

Physical elimination

Of course, this is an inhuman way - to deal with domestic rodents using a mousetrap. But effective! So, we find the location of the dislocation of mice and set our weapons for the night. Traditional baits are lard, raw bacon, bread with vegetable oil, and not cheese at all. Result: complete physical elimination of the mouse. This is one way to catch mice.

Cat - an ordinary pet - is also one of the methods of dealing with annoying rodents. One feline smell will scare away mice, and if any of them still risk breaking through for food, the mouse-catcher will definitely track down and catch her. Maybe he will eat, and maybe he will play and bring you to show: here, they say, what is the use of me.

Humane methods

If you do not want to "destroy" a small animal, you can use proven for centuries "grandmother's" methods. On the people's councils that contribute to the elimination of mice, read our article How to get rid of mice.

You can also use the humane version of the mousetrap: a three-liter jar with a five-penny coin put on the edge. Inside the banks - the bait. The mouse runs into the middle, the coin falls. Rodent is neutralized.

Another way is a special glue. It is poured on the tray, in the middle of which the bait is put. So immediately you can catch a few individuals. Mice are light. They stick to thick glue and cannot leave. Result: the mouse is alive, but neutralized. Mice caught in this way should be taken away from your home (up to a kilometer) and released.