How to change mail?

Sometimes, creating our mailbox, we, under the influence of the moment or due to other circumstances, can come up with such a login, that, as people say, stop, even fall. But when insight finally comes to us, we understand that it is somehow quite funny and not solid to send letters on behalf of kiska55, or kirieshkaeshkaeshka. And, of course, immediately wondering how to change the mail, while not abandoning the already existing account. After all, losing a mailbox that already appears somewhere is also not desirable.

When you try to figure out how to change your email, it’s usually frustrating. After all, most of the mailers do not provide the possibility of changing the email address due to the fact that it can be tied to other services of the system. The simplest thing that is offered in this case is to register a new mailbox. Alas, if the login does not suit you at all, then this is the only possible way out. Although, depending on what email address you use, variations are possible.

Let's see that the question of how to change the address of the mail is answered by the help services of the most popular e-mails of Runet.


In Yandex, there is no way to change an existing login.You can only register a new one. But it is possible to configure the mail collector from your old mailbox, which, as they say, is already better than nothing. And also, if you confirm your previous address on the validation page, you can send letters from the new address, and from the old one, simply by choosing the necessary login in the “From” field.


Rambler in response to the question of how to change the login in the mail, issued a definitive "no." Nikmain in this mail service can not be changed. You can only configure the sending of letters so that the recipient can see not only the postal address, but also the name of the sender. To do this, enter it in the "Name for outgoing letters" field and save the changes. If this option does not suit you, create a new account.


In Google, if your account is a gmail address, which is very common, then you can’t change it. In other cases, in your account settings, go to “Personal Settings” and click “Edit in Google Accounts”. Follow the system instructions. And you can add to your existing Google Accounts. That is, creating a new mailbox, you simply bind it to the old one.

Here again there is nothing comforting, since you cannot change your mail once you have created it once.The new address is the only way out. But on projects there is an opportunity to work simultaneously under several accounts. This also applies to mail. You do not need to log in every time when you need to check the letters in a particular mailbox. To use this function, in one of your mailboxes, simply click on the arrow next to your username on the right at the top of the page and select “Add mailbox” in the drop-down menu. Log in to your other account. Do not forget to put a tick in front of "Remember", so that you do not have to enter a password when switching boxes. Now, if you need to log into your other mailbox, simply select it in the drop-down menu, which is called by clicking on the arrow located next to your email address.

As you can see, for quite objective reasons (after your account has been created, it is tied to other services of the system), you can hardly change your email address, although, of course, the mailer teams do everything for the convenience of users. Therefore, before creating a mailbox, carefully consider how it will be called.If you already have a not quite harmonious "electronic", then try to get out of the situation with the help of the tools offered by your email service to solve this problem.