How to change the encoding in the registry

How to change the encoding through the Windows registry

In fact, it makes no difference what version of Windows you have, since all of them solve this problem in the same way. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that in different versions some tab names and subtitles in the interface have different names, although they all work according to the same scheme.

Easy way

First of all, you should try changing the encoding through the “Languages ​​and Regional Standards” settings panel. To do this, click on the "Start" button, go to the Control Panel and select the appropriate tab with the settings. After the language change menu opens, go to the Location tab and select Russia. Please note that if you are using the Windows 7 operating system, this tab will be signed differently - “Location”. Next, open the Advanced tab and set the Russian language for applications that do not support Unicode. To apply the changes, click OK.

Change the encoding directly through the registry

In the event that the first method did not produce results, you can correct the problem of incorrect encoding by editing the registry. However, it should be remembered that if the registry is incorrectly modified, the entire operating system of the computer may be affected. In case of incorrect editing, you may even have to reinstall Windows. Therefore it is necessary to observe accuracy.
So, first you need to open the registry editor. You can do this by going to "Start", then select "Run", and then in the form that appears, enter the regedit command. After that, the window of work with the Windows registry will open. After examining the program interface, pay attention to its left side, which displays the structure of the registry. Find the section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the menu, then click on the small arrow next to it, after which the branch will open. Next, look for the SYSTEM section in the list that appears, where you are interested in the CurrentControlSet subsection.
Then go to Control - Nls - CodePage. Further, in the right part of the screen, a panel with parameters will open in which you need to find the parameter with the name 1252.Right-click on it, and then select “Edit” in the drop-down menu that appears. Now you are interested in the “Value” field, in which you need to change the previously set parameter to c_1252.nls, then click on the OK button. Everything, from the editor of the register it is possible to leave safely. It remains only to restart the computer so that the changes you make take effect.