How to check sapphire?

Even in antiquity they considered it a frozen drop of the elixir of eternal youth, accessible only to the gods. But sapphire is not a fairy tale, but a stone of natural origin, which is characterized by high hardness, transparency and strong brilliance. Depending on the chemical impurities, in nature there are sapphires from yellow to dark purple. But most of all, sapphire is cornflower blue and velvety of moderate intensity.

In nature, there are also pink, transparent and black specimens, which are especially highly appreciated!

The high price of sapphire and its popularity has generated among the fraudsters a desire to use synthetic or artificial jewelry, not expensive and of lower quality, without informing the buyer. Therefore, before buying, learn in advance about how to check the sapphire for authenticity and what characteristics should be taken into account.

How to determine the authenticity of sapphire?

Forgery of precious stones is the enriched natural minerals that are not valuable.Under the guise of sapphire issue tourmaline, cordierite, spinel and other corundum, which are similar in characteristics to him.

How to check sapphire?

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What characteristics should be paid attention to when diagnosing the origin of a stone and determining its natural origin? First of all, on his:

  • structure;
  • transparency;
  • Colour;
  • strength;
  • cost;
  • availability of quality certificates.

But if sapphire corundum is already purchased, then it can be determined whether it is synthetic or natural, by conducting a gemological examination or at home.

Sapphire structure

Real gems do not have a uniform structure, uniform color and blotches of air, flux or copper bubbles. If natural tourmaline stone was used in a high-quality fake, similar in structure and color to sapphire, it is not possible to visually distinguish a fake from real corundum. In synthetic stones, there are always gas bubbles, small inclusions of gold or platinum, color zoning.

Independent verification of the authenticity of the stone

With a visual inspection, you can determine only the color of the gem and its transparency. The real sapphire is rich and uniform in color, like silk or velvet. But fake spinel is darker in color, tanzanite has a shade of red, and from aquamarine it resembles aquamarine.

How to check sapphire?

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In addition, sapphire has an exceptional transparency, with small impregnations and impurities. How to check sapphire at home for transparency? Easily! Directing a direct ray of sunlight onto the stone, you can see a reflection in the shape of a six-pointed star.

Tactile sensations from sapphire are important when viewed from it. Before you check the sapphire for authenticity, hold it in the palm of your hand - a natural stone is always cold and pleasant. But synthetic fakes do not give such sensations.

Stone strength

The authenticity of natural stone is evidenced by its durability. So, in terms of strength characteristics, a sapphire can only compare to a diamond. Due to its high strength, the edges of corundum will always be smooth and even.And if you do not be afraid and hold it with a sharp object, then there will be no trace on the surface of the stone.

But no one can do this manipulation in the store, so before choosing sapphire, ask the seller for a certificate of quality of corundum.

When reviewing the certificate, check if the purity level is indicated - IF. If it is present, then the stone is clearly a fake - in genuine sapphires this indicator is not determined.

The cost of the product with sapphire

Rarity is one of the characteristics of all gems. Pure stones, free of defects and impurities, are rarely found in the natural environment, therefore a ring with sapphire or other jewelry made of it sometimes reaches thousands of dollars in value, and minerals of exceptional quality and size are even millions! Synthetic stones cost less.

Product design with sapphire is simple and uncomplicated, so as not to impede the full analysis of the quality of the stone.

Jeweler's help

But in order to finally dispel all doubts and buy only genuine sapphire, it is better to contact a jeweler and conduct a gemological examination right in the store.Believe me - the expenses for the help of an experienced professional in this case are justified.