How to check the Hall sensor?

Victoria Dmitrieva
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How to check the Hall sensor?

Edwin Hall, having discovered his effect in the distant 19th century, can be proud of his descendants who fully utilize his unique discovery. Modern automotive industry is a clear confirmation of this. But any mechanism can fail and you need to know how to check the Hall sensor yourself.

The sensor is located in the distributor of ignition (distributor) and sends a signal to the switch, determining the moment when to apply a spark to the spark plug. To determine the health of the sensor, you must be sure of the health of the ignition coil and switch. Testing should be carried out at a positive air temperature (not in the cold).

Sensor check

Testing a Hall sensor can be done in several ways. Methods require a voltmeter. It is necessary to connect the device to the central output of the sensor. The arrow of the voltmeter should fall in the range of values from 0.4V to a value different from the supply voltage by no more than 3V. This characterizes the health of the sensor.

Directly for Audi-100 cars (82-90 gv.), Volkswagen Golf 2, Jetta (83-92g.v.) procedure is slightly different. The central high-voltage wire must be disconnected from the distributor. Next, you need to close it to the "mass". Unclip rubber cover of connecting block of wires and switch. Connect the voltmeter to the contacts "6" and "3".

Turn on the ignition and slowly crank the crankshaft. Arrow device should range from 0 to 2V. This indicates the health of the sensor.

How to check the Hall sensor in the absence of a tester? In this case, it is possible to conduct the following study of its performance. To adapt the spark plug to the output of the coil wire, so that its thread falls on the "mass". Remove the carriage with the Hall sensor and attach the connector from the ignition wire to it. Switch on ignition. Metal rod (metal) must be waved in front of the sensor. If a spark flashes on the candle, then the Hall sensor is intact.

Do not check the serviceability of the Hall sensor with a warning lamp! During operation, you must carefully monitor the cleanliness of the connector and the state of contact of its plugs.This will help extend the life of the sensor.