How to choose a beautiful and practical outerwear for winter?

Winter is a beautiful, clean and beautiful time of the year, but sometimes it is very cold, especially in Russia. For many women and girls this season is a difficult choice: to dress warmly or beautifully? I do not want to feel cold and lose health, but it is also not particularly pleasant to walk wrapped up from head to toe. If you make your winter wardrobe correctly, you can find a middle ground when you look elegant without suffering from the cold. Decide on several important things for your wardrobe, make harmonious images and do not buy too much. And we will give some general recommendations on how to create such a wardrobe. Let's talk about winter outerwear.

Outerwear for women at this time should be of high quality and as versatile as possible, if you want it to serve you for a long time and go well with all outfits. It is better to buy a quality and expensive outerwear once, than to have a lot of less quality but beautiful options in which you will be cold. The same goes for shoes.

Rare materials and high-quality fillers and insulation costs, respectively. As a rule, they are used in high-quality outer clothing, which is created with the use of good fabrics, precise patterns and patterns, even seams, elegant design, and clean shades. In a coat, it can be natural wool, in a down jacket - modern fillers, etc. Also pay attention to the lining - warm, high-quality and well sewn, it will provide additional comfort. For winter, the preservation of heat is of paramount importance, it is the primary criterion for choosing outerwear. One expensive thing for several years may end up costing you less, while being much more comfortable and warm than a few different ones, but cheap.

The next criterion for those who value versatility is the right style and color. If you want elegance, choose a standard palette: black, gray, navy, beige and white - the most versatile colors that go well with all the clothes. Fans of color shades can pay attention to the clean, but dark colors of red, blue, green, purple. It is better to choose a smooth tone without patterns and patterns.As for styles, their choice depends on the type of figure. Straight or elegantly fitting silhouettes will always be useful, as they emphasize the attractiveness of the figure. If you have a good figure and a pronounced waist, pick up fitted models with a belt or strap. Also, such options are good for the “rectangle” figure: create a volume at the top with large sleeves and a collar, below with a wide bottom to add the missing volume, emphasize the waist with a belt. For the “triangle” figure it is important to add volume in the lower part of the body, therefore it is better to choose the options with a fitted top and a free bottom. For the “inverted triangle”, all you need to do the opposite: choose a straight or slightly widening bottom, add volume at the top with the help of a collar and decor. If you have extra kilos or your figure resembles the silhouette of an “apple”, look at overseas models: a free style will succinctly hide folds.

Finally, the third important point in the formation of the winter upper wardrobe is the number of things and their functionality. Different options can be found both in regular stores and on the Internet, especially if you are looking for European and American clothes at affordable prices.For example, Only Italy offers a variety of good models from Italian manufacturers. From the winter options you can keep an eye on the jacket, coat or coat of your choice.

Determine the appropriate outerwear, depending on your lifestyle and dominant style. Lovers of active lifestyle and winter sports will definitely come in handy with a good sports jacket or a warm down jacket. Modern down jackets beautifully sit on the figure, without creating excess volume. When choosing them, pay attention to the filler: the jacket can be thin, but it is good to warm it with the right filler.

Coat - perhaps one of the most versatile feminine options for winter clothing. It goes well with different clothes, looks elegant, fits to any shape, depending on the style, compared to fur coats, it is inexpensive and heats well. If you are looking for the most versatile option for winter, take a look at a good and high-quality coat and you will not lose: it will be enough for you for several seasons.

Short fur coats and fur coats differ depending on fur, length and cost. Recently, fur coats with eco-jewelry began to appear - artificial fur, which looks no worse than natural, but at the same time the product is cheaper.Heaters are also added to such coats; you will feel comfortable and look gorgeous in them.

A lot of things are not needed for style, beauty and convenience, it’s enough to approach the choice of outerwear with a mind, taste and practical approach, and to buy one or a couple of things that will meet all your requirements.