How to choose a design for a small living room? (13 pictures)

The living room is a very important room in any apartment, because it is always where a lot of time is spent: here you meet guests, spend holidays, while away long evenings in front of your favorite TV, and also just relax after a hard day’s work.

It is here that the whole family usually gathers, which means it is very important that it be as spacious and comfortable as possible, which is not always possible, especially when you have a completely small room at your disposal. Are you the happy owner of a small living room?

Do not worry, there are many design techniques that will help you create a comfortable and not very close room.

Basic concepts

The design of a small living room is reduced to the creation of a functional and very comfortable room in which it will be possible to arrange all the necessary furniture, but at the same time achieve a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

The first and most important rule is the choice of furniture of small size, it is important for a small living room,because only in this way you can ensure the presence of all the most necessary, it will simply be miniature enough.

In this case, you can place a small sofa, and a coffee table, the necessary racks and pedestals, a TV, a floor lamp and even rejoice in the remaining free space! This is all real, the main thing to the process is to approach with the mind and imagination.

The next important point is the color scheme of the room, it is from her, in many ways, will depend on the visual appearance of your living room. It's no secret that light shades can visually enlarge and lighten the space and add necessary volume to it.

It was once considered for a very long time that light colors in the interior were impractical and even stupid, but today, when there is a huge variety of modern cleaning products and high-quality coatings, this has become a justified reality.

Many people at some subconscious level refuse to use light shades, because they believe that they are not able to create a cozy and truly homely atmosphere.

Indeed, pure white or cream shades can create a too dull, one might say, “sterile” setting.But it is very easy to fix by applying the so-called Scandinavian design style, when the interior combines white or beige background, and all parts or accessories are selected in bright colors.

For example, if you paint white walls in the living room and use white furniture, you can safely buy a juicy carpet and the same cushions on the sofa - the room will instantly turn into a cheerful, stylish and very spacious. The ceiling in such rooms should be necessarily white, and the floor - the colors of light wood, for example, milk oak.

We select furniture

As we have said, it should be necessarily miniature and, preferably, light, but this is not the only rule. How do we imagine a classical drawing room?

Even if you look at most of the photos and examples, this is a soft comfortable sofa, a wall and a TV - the rest of the details may vary depending on personal desires and preferences. The wall in a small living room should be quite tiny and, preferably, made of modern materials, such as glass and aluminum - so it will look more light and airy.

But this does not mean that country-style furniture or, for example, retro furniture will not be suitable for a small living room, you just need to monitor its compactness and design: the presence of open shelves or small niches will make it less cumbersome.

As for upholstered furniture, for a very small size living room does not recommend the use of a set of "armchairs + sofa", because they strongly "eat" free space, but on the other hand there are more opportunities for mobility.

The ideal option for a small room is an angular sofa, which allows you to place a small coffee table and save a lot of space. But here it is worth noting: to find a small sofa in a corner is not easy, since, basically, they are produced in massive sizes.

Then we shift attention to the window - usually the space around it is not particularly used, however, if you want to successfully design your small living room, then this moment must be carefully thought through. The most reasonable solution is to place a sofa under the window; it must be placed at a distance of about 30 cm from the window, so it will not interfere with the central heating.

The curtains on the windows should be necessarily light and, preferably, practically transparent: heavy and dark thick curtains in such rooms are not the best option, since they greatly visually conceal the volume of the room.

Do not forget about the mirrors: they, just the same, visually expand the space, and therefore such inserts in the furniture would be extremely appropriate. In general, minimalism, Japanese or high-tech style are best for small living rooms, because they are characterized by the absence of clutter and a large number of accessories.

Also do not forget about the next important point - this is lighting. It is desirable that in addition to the only ceiling chandelier in the room, spot lighting in the ceiling and possibly some elements of the interior have been added. Wall lamps and floor lamps are welcome - they will give a living room a home comfort, as well as visually stretch it upwards.

Designing a small living room is not easy, especially if you are new to this business. But if you approach the process thoroughly and with all your heart, then you will definitely get exactly what you have always dreamed of.

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