How to choose a household filter

There are no universal filters. Various devices of this type are designed for different contaminants, different volumes of water, use individual cleaning methods. Selecting a filter for the house is necessary according to certain criteria. The first is the chemical composition of tap water. Before you buy a water filter, you need to determine which components are to be cleaned. Make a chemical analysis of water, ordering this service in specialized companies, or use the information on the composition and quality of water in your area of ​​the city.
Determine what quality of water purification you require. You can simply reduce the water content of some components, and you can spend the maximum degree of purification. The degree of purification depends on the steps in the filter that the water passes during filtration. Flowing systems have from three to eight steps, jugs - only one step. The greater the number of layers of filtration, the better the water.
Determine the amount of water you need daily. To do this, multiply 2.5-3 liters by the number of people living in the house. It is advisable to select a filter not on the quantity received, but with a threefold margin, since the need for water may be uneven. For one or two people, a filter jug ​​is enough, in which water is purified, overflowing from the upper tank to the bottom through a layer of sorbent. For a small number of people, you can also install a nozzle on the crane, it is much easier to use, but the performance of such a filter, like a jug, is small. For large families it is recommended to install stationary water purifiers, purifying with reverse osmosis. They are built into the plumbing, and a separate faucet is displayed in the sink.
Popular brands of jug filters are “Barrier”, “Aquaphor” and Brita. Manufacturers also produce separate filter cassettes with different functions. For example, you can install “Fluoride +”, “Iron”, “Hardness” and “Standard” cartridges on household filters “Barrier”. It is useful knowledge of the chemical composition of water.
Determine the cash cost of the filter.This item includes not only the cost of the equipment itself, but also the cost of operation. Remember that it is necessary to regularly replace cartridges or cartridges in filters, carry out service, change parts and reagents. Flow-through filters with several cleaning steps are more expensive than filter-jugs or tap nozzles. Calculate what it will cost you a liter of water with a particular cleaning system and draw a conclusion based on your financial possibilities.