How to choose a humidifier and air purifier

Steam humidifiersof airnoisy, not very convenient to operate, and also consume a lot of energy. Nevertheless, it is advisable to install such equipment where it is necessary to create a high humidity (winter gardens, greenhouses). In this regard, steam humidifiers are convenient.
Ultrasonic humidifiersof airMost of them have a trendy design, they are more comfortable. Often these humidifiers can be seen in offices, winter gardens. True, such equipment requires well purified and demineralized water.
Classic humidifiers are very reliable due to their simple design. For their correct operation, you can even use ordinary tap water. In the design of such humidifiersof airit is applied not too expensive, but rather effective replaceable cartridge sponge.
Cleanersof airwith moisturizing function are different.They differ from similar models in cleaning methods.of airand the filters used in them. The better the replaceable filter, the better the air is cleaned and moistened. It should be noted that high-quality filters for cleaners with a moisturizing function are not cheap.
Cleanersof airwith the so-called H.E.P.A.-filter. They clean the air in the room from particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns (macro-dust, pollen), which are the main causative agents of allergy. Recently developed cleaning technologiesof airmake such cleanersof aireven more efficient at work. Let us draw your attention to the fact that unscrupulous manufacturers, most filters are called H.E.P.A.-filters. Be careful - this filter has the name "True H.E.P.A.".
Cleanersof airEquipped with a combined filtration system, can contain a whole range of different filters. Therefore, the effectiveness of this type of cleaning equipment depends on its filtering "filling".
Also on sale are models with electrostatic filters and ionizers, neutralizing unpleasant odors.