How to choose a knife?

Thinking about how to choose a knife, an inexperienced man in the street can amaze himself with a serious headache. Shop windows and specialized catalogs are simply full of an innumerable amount of this product. Usually, knives are divided by purpose, shape and size, as well as materials used for their manufacture. Therefore, for a start, decide for what purpose you are buying this product. For example, you might be interested in kitchen knives or hunting knives. About this and talk.

Choosing a knife for the kitchen

How to choose a kitchen knife, probably knows (or thinks so) almost everyone. However, it is worth listening to the experts, and they recommend the following ...

  1. Have at least three knives in the kitchen with different blade lengths:
    • large (from 35 to 45 cm);
    • medium (from 25 to 35 cm);
    • small knife (from 20 to 25 cm)
  2. Buy knives from suitable materials. So for the knife handle, the best in the kitchen is wood, not metal or plastic. After all, plastic is fragile and short-lived, and the metal is heavy and susceptible to corrosion during the cooking process.
  3. For a knife blade, the best would be a good stainless steel that does not require special care, compared with the usual, quickly dull.
  4. It is better to acquire monolithic tools, i.e., when the blade passes through the entire knife handle. Which, on the contrary, should be a national team, with well-fitted and recessed rivets. This knife is quite heavy, ergonomic and conveniently lies in the hand.
  5. The working cloth of a kitchen knife should be chosen average width. They are easier to cut than the wide, and in contrast to the narrow, this makes a more even sections.
  6. Choosing knives for the kitchen, pay special attention to sharpening the blade. Ordinary blades are made only by cutting and hardening, but if you see perpendicular matted notches in the sharpening zone, you are lucky, you have a laser-sharpened knife. It is good because it does not require editing, but is sharpened itself in the cutting process, of course, it is somewhat more expensive, but the cost will be justified quickly.
  7. To keep the knives in the kitchen more correctly in the vertical wooden coasters, so splurge on them.

Choosing a hunting knife

If you do not know how to choose a hunting knife, try to proceed from its basic functions. Any professional will say that the main purpose of the hunting stylet is skinning and dressing prey, and only then cutting the branches, cleaning vegetables, etc.Based on this, we will try to find the right tool.

  1. There are no universal knives, for each type of hunting there is a specific blade. Do not pursue a large size, it is not convenient, and upon purchase will require the presentation of a license. As practice shows, knives with a blade length of 10-12 cm are more in demand. They are slightly curved. They are ergonomic and allow you to perform most of the necessary operations.
  2. The blade of the tool is better to choose from hard steel (55 HRC, not less), although high-carbon “Damascus” is already an excess. Such knives are brittle and almost impossible to sharpen in the field.
  3. The best for the hunter will be a wooden or bone handle of the knife, made of riveted or vsadny method. Particular attention should be paid to its durability and convenience, therefore - only a direct design, "light" just in the palm of your hand.
  4. When securing yourself, take care of a good leather sheath.
  5. Do not pursue cheapness and choose products of famous brands.

Listen to the advice on how to choose the right knife, you will be guaranteed against unpleasant mistakes and you will not fall for the advertising tricks of marketing services.