How to choose a perfume?

What complements our image and makes us confident, romantic, cheerful, beautiful, bold, sexy or dreamy? Of course, it is a perfume. Properly chosen spirits cause us a sea of ​​positive emotions: sensuality, happiness, excitement and relaxation. Selected wrong smells, provoke stress, apathy, irritation and depression. That is why it is very important to know how to choose perfumes so that they fit the person.

For active people, refreshing, cool smells are suitable. Calm personalities like Oriental flavors. Each person has their own preferences.

The perception of odors is individual, as each of us has his own personal skin smell, his own body temperature. In addition, we use powders, creams, lotions, which also add fragrance that changes the overall composition. Thus, even the same perfume smells differently on different people.

How to choose the right perfume?

While in the store, drip a bit of perfume on a strip of paper, smell it and you will have the first impression of this smell.The best thing for this is plain or writing loose paper, not foam rubber. Apply another drop on your wrist. If you like the scent, do not rush to immediately buy the entire bottle. Take with you a fragrant striped and sniff it several times a day to see how the smell changes.

Keep in mind that each perfume has its own duration and power of fragrance.

Stage odors:

  • Upper,
  • Main,
  • Residual.

It is impossible to fully judge the perfume by the initial fragrance; a real bouquet will appear in 30 minutes. The main aroma lasts about 20 hours, after which its strength decreases, but a residual odor remains for another 10 hours.

So, if those or other perfumes suit you, then after a while your sense of smell will get used to the smell, and you will no longer feel it. If you always hear how you smell, then these spirits you have chosen for yourself wrong.

Some tips

  • Every day fashion dictates which perfume to choose. These tips give friends and acquaintances, however, do not listen to anyone. The choice of smell is too intimate act, so you can only rely on your taste and body characteristics.
  • Here you have chosen a certain day when you go for the desired bottle. Do not choke before visiting the store, you do not have to smell like a foreign smell to clearly catch a new one.
  • Remember that in one visit to the store you will be able to catch no more than three flavors, so our body is arranged.
  • Ask the seller, if possible, to help you. In order to more clearly explain to him what exactly you want, often read the descriptions of the spirits that are found in magazines and catalogs. If in the same place you will find fragrant pages, try to study and analyze their smells. Only experienced consultants can actually become your assistants. They will appreciate the style of your clothes and make-up, in order to understand what type of women you are, and will offer you those perfumes that may suit you. Unfortunately, such specialists are not often found in stores.

Allergic reaction

Each of us has its own chemical composition of the skin. So find out which perfume is better will help our body. Allergy caused by the new flavor, manifested by redness of the skin and itching. So, if you try the new perfume, you feel these symptoms, then never use them again. Moreover, exclude from use all products related to this series.Redness and itching should pass quickly, but if this does not happen, it is better to consult with a dermatologist.

The good news is that aromatic allergies are rare. The perfume industry collects data on which aromatic substances can cause allergic reactions and does not use them in production. Also, there are whole institutions to study this issue.

Fragrant horoscope for women

If you want to choose perfumes for a gift, you will be helped by a selection of smells according to the horoscope.

  • Aries. Women of this sign are very strong in spirit, therefore they are suited for strong, impulsive and harsh aromas. You can give her a "unisex".
  • Taurus. Do not lose, if you buy her a floral, sweetish, herbal, or fruity aroma.
  • Twins. This zodiac sign needs 10 different bottles at once. They are very changeable and love to change smells. They are suitable fresh perfume, which, of course, is now in vogue.
  • Raki They don’t care about fashion, they choose everything based on personal motives. They love natural, unwisted compositions. It can be smells of herbs, meadows, forests, they emphasize their sophistication and femininity.Focus on their old bottle, they are very accustomed to the same flavor.
  • Lions These are real queens, prone to be capricious, even when choosing perfumes. They will like a refined, beautiful bottle of expensive perfume. The smell should be unique and inimitable, like the Lioness herself.
  • Virgin They are very clean, like natural smells, most often they do not use perfume in general. If you do decide to present the perfume on the gift, buy her light, barely audible fragrances.
  • Libra. Women Libra prefer only stylish, popular perfumes. They love fresh, light, refined and calm notes. Their smell should be graceful and expensive.
  • Scorpions Such women prefer deep, frank and even, one might say, intimate smells. Their goal is to disarm their partner, so the spirits must emphasize their sexuality. But the scent should not be flashy, it should be mysterious and alluring, unusual and mystical. They are suited for sweet and strong perfume.
  • Sagittarius. These women are extraordinary, they are often travelers, they like everything new. They will not become attached to the same spirits. You can choose the fragrance at your discretion, only necessarily expensive.
  • Capricorns. They love classic stylish perfumes. Prefer strong, tart, sweet notes of wood and sea freshness.
  • Aquarius. Do not like heavy, dense smells. Choose them, following the fashion.
  • Fish. Their passion is sweet, floral, soft notes. Spirits buy from some of their spiritual convictions, often just because they remind them of a loved one.

Now it will be easier for you to choose the right perfume.