How to choose a power supply?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
December 19, 2014
How to choose a power supply?

The power supply is the most important part of the computer, because it supplies the power to all components of the system unit and supports their operation. Of course, the choice of power supply must be approached responsibly. In this article we will tell you how to correctly select the power supply for the computer.


The main parameter of the power supply is power, if it is not enough, your computer can either not turn on at all, or work with frequent reboots. The power supply for a standard office computer should be about 400 watts, for a gaming one - 600 watts.

More accurately calculate the power will help. You just need to fill in the special form with the values ​​of the main parameters of the PC (processor core, motherboard power, etc.) and wait until the service performs the necessary calculations.


It is necessary that all necessary types of connectors for connecting a processor, video card, motherboard, etc. are present on the power supply.Examine carefully the connectors of the components of your system unit and choose a power supply with the appropriate sockets.


Certification of the power supply is assigned depending on its power consumption characteristics. This parameter is indicated through efficiency in percent, and the more efficiency, the less the power supply will warm up, which means that the more economical and longer it will work.


On the power supply, there must be a fan of at least 120 mm in size, which will reliably cool the device. The presence of the fan is especially important for units with low efficiency.


Of course, this is not such an important indicator, but if the ergonomics of the unit are good, the user will definitely be pleased, because the well-thought-out ergonomics provide a convenient connection of the unit.

Well, we hope our tips will help you find the best power supply for your computer.