How to choose a pump

The pump can be manual, electric or petrol. Choose a manual pump in the event that the volume of water that you need is small, you can pump a few dozen liters for domestic use with such a pump in a couple of minutes. At the dachas often use electric pumps, they are powerful enough to supply water for watering a small garden and shower. The electric pump is the best choice for a private plot, but only if there is electricity there. In the absence of electricity or increased performance requirements, choose motor pumps, that is, pumps with a gasoline or diesel engine.
If you want your pump to work like a clock and give a constant even pressure, you need to purchase a device with a pressure switch and a hydroaccumulator. These devices allow you to automatically maintain the pressure in the system, protect against water hammer, make the work of pumps more economical.
Water pumps can be surface and submersible.The first ones are designed for pumping water from surface water bodies or from wells of shallow depth; the second ones are immersed in wells and create enough pressure to lift water from a great depth. Submersible pumps have basically an electric motor.
Before you buy a pump, calculate the amount of water you need. The calculation can be made according to the following data - a person uses an average of 200 liters of water per day, for irrigation of 1 square meter of vegetable garden, about 5 liters of water are needed. The pump you buy should provide the performance you need to supply such a quantity of water.
Make sure that the model in question can create the necessary pressure, it depends on whether the pump can raise the water to the required height. At the same time, do not forget that the pressure is spent not only on raising the liquid, but also on moving it along horizontal sections: 10 meters of a horizontal pipeline can be equated to 1 meter vertical when calculating.
Some pumps can pump only clean water, others are equipped with special filters and pump out water from polluted water bodies without any problems.Before buying, make sure that the pump will be designed for the degree of contamination of your water.