How to choose a wig

In order for the wig to look natural and really adorn its owner, it must be properly selected. Unlike conventional hats, when choosing a wig, you need to pay attention to a number of factors, not just its color and size. And above all, you need to determine for yourself the main purpose of purchasing a wig.
If a wig is bought for everyday wear, in order to always have a good hairstyle regardless of the circumstances, first of all you need to pay attention to the quality of the wig and the tone of its hair. For a wig to look like its hair, it must be no more than one tone lighter or darker than natural hair. More radical colors will immediately catch the eye and look unnatural.
If the wig is specially acquired in order to change the appearance, to create a new image, then you need to choose it taking into account the features of your skin and eye color. A light wig is well suited to owners of blue or light gray eyes and well-groomed, fresh skin.It should be borne in mind that very light, almost white hair will look good only with absolutely healthy skin of a very even shade. Or with full makeup. In all other cases, strongly bleached hair will age.
Dark wigs will suit dark-skinned women with delicate features. Natural blondes excessively dark color can age and emphasize the shortcomings of their skin. For experiments with their appearance, a red wig is more advantageous. Reddish shades are suitable for almost any type of appearance. It is necessary to take into account only that after 35 years it is better to avoid too bright reddish tones. Mature woman, they can give a vulgar look.
Of great importance is the quality of the wig. Try to avoid hand-made wigs, even offered for very modest money. The most high-quality today are German wigs branded production of natural hair. However, they are quite expensive and not everyone can afford.WigsSynthetic hair is much cheaper and more affordable, but it can look artificial. The best option in this case could be to buy a mixed wig made from both natural and synthetic hair.Such wigs effectively combine the natural look of natural hair with the durability and reliability of the synthetic “mane”.