How to choose an electric guitar?

Imagine, John Lennon and Jimmy Hendrix, too, were once concerned about buying a musical instrument. These guys went down in history - maybe you can do it? True, you should not immediately run to the first store and choose what is cheaper. Think about the main thing - the sound, and the issue of price and quality has not been canceled. Try to be serious about advice on how to choose a new guitar electric guitar.

What to look for

There is still a tradition to compare the factor of the cost of the instrument and the level of musical training. The tool for "first graders" will be cheaper than a guitar for the pros. The range of price offers looks like this: the first step is up to $ 500, the middle class is up to 1,500, and all that is more expensive is the choice of craftsmen. In fact, limited to this criterion, a thankless job. And for big money you can run into a mediocre tool. There are expensive guitars, the resonance of which is comparable to a brick, and cheap ones - “singing” for real. It is better to focus on the issue of quality rather than cost.

Before you choose an electric guitar, pay attention to the material from which it is made.Quality wood reproduces a chic sound and a lingering sustain. All settings can be changed for a small fee, but it is the wood that “makes” the guitar. In this respect, ash, alder and poplar are best. By the way, most of the rock-and-rolls get a tool with just such a texture.

After you solve this question, look at the main elements. Here we must begin with the pickups. It is clear that in a good guitar you will definitely not find rusty and soldering contacts. It is desirable to have a simple Floyd Rose tremolo system available. Floyd will help lower and raise the line. Moreover, there are additional fasteners in the system, which will not allow the ranks to descend on their own if you use the machine. The next thing you need to pay attention to when deciding which electric guitar to choose is a stable neck and correctly tuned frets. For a novice musician, this moment is especially important, as it will help prevent many problems and costly repairs in the event of a deformation of the instrument. Be sure to appreciate the quality of tuners. They must perform smooth, precise actions and maintain hardness.Replacing these elements can cause a lot of trouble and will be costly, since the process itself requires knowledge of a certain technology. Also important is the issue of protection and good quality electronics. Everything can be recognized at the place of purchase. Bring your guitar to fluorescent lights or an old computer monitor. You will hear a crash or a rumble - the instrument is not worth your attention. And when you decide how to choose a new guitar for an electric guitar, look at the manufacturer’s warranty. It is clear that if the option is second-hand, you yourself will have to solve problems. But when the tool is new, there is a chance to safely get your money back due to hidden defects or factory defects.

Choosing the strings

If you plan to practice a lot and achieve a unique sound, it makes sense to think in advance about a set of high-quality spare strings. Here you definitely shouldn’t save and trust the advice of sellers, who will be happy to give you any junk underground production at exorbitant prices. Study and explore information on the Internet before you choose strings for an electric guitar. Decide on a reliable brand and choose the right caliber, which will depend on your favorite musical style and the structure of your brush.For beginners, the tenth and ninth levels are ideal, and later, when the hand is mastered, you can move on to more subtle elements.

Perhaps these are the main points that should be considered future Santana or Clapton.