How to choose the correct form of eyebrows?

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How to choose the correct form of eyebrows?

Eyebrows are not just vegetation on our face. This is a very important attribute for giving a face a variety of expressions. With the help of incorrectly plucked eyebrows, you can even scare a person off by creating yourself some sort of silly facial expression. So, how to choose the shape of the eyebrows?

First you need to determine the starting point from which to start your eyebrows. This is the most visible place of the eyebrows, i.e. their basis. To do this, take a pencil and apply it to the nose from one of its sides, or rather to the wing of the nose. We compare this point with the inner corner of the eye (naturally, on the same side of the face). And look at the continuation of the pencil in the eyebrows. This will be the starting point of the eyebrows. Take tweezers and remove unwanted hairs. Then again we take a pencil and determine the final point for eyebrows. We also attach it to the nose, but now we connect it to the outer corner of the eye. We look at the eyebrows - here they should end. Tweezers pull out unnecessary.To determine the peak of eyebrows (the highest point), so to speak, you need to attach a pencil to the middle of the upper part of the lips and visually connect in the place of the eye pupil. In this place the eyebrows will be a form of bending.

Now about the types of faces and how to choose the right shape of eyebrows. If you have an oval face, then you should avoid horizontal lines. You better fit the eyebrows in the form of an arc. But if the shape of the face is elongated and oblong, then you just fit eyebrows strict straight lines. On the round face, broad eyebrows will also look good and rounded and rounded at the end. Triangular face fit smoothly "rising" eyebrows. On a square-shaped face, the eyebrows should not be too elongated and slightly arched.

Another little tip for shaping your eyebrows is to paint them before pulling them out. If you use paint for eyebrows, then first carry out the procedure for their coloring, and then proceed to shaping. If it is a cosmetic pencil - paint eyebrows. This will facilitate the adjustment process.

We also present two video clips to help you, which will tell you how to choose the most successful eyebrows and how to correct your own, not very well plucked, eyebrows using makeup.