How to clean a hat?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 18, 2013
How to clean a hat?

The cap is an indispensable attribute of women's wardrobe. Not only in the winter cold, but also in spring and autumn, the headdress gives beauty, elegance and protects from wind and cold. The hat, like all other elements of the wardrobe, should be cleaned regularly, since this particular accessory is one of the business cards of the woman. But there is always the question of how to clean the hat so that it does not lose its proper appearance and does not turn from a beautiful thing into a worn and unsightly thing.

The main problem of women with the arrival of winter is the cleaning of fur hats. In order that the pile does not lose its luster, and the product remains the same shape and size, you need to know some tricks. The fact is that each headdress involves different cleaning methods. For example, a hat made of mink fur requires special cleaning.

Fur hat cleaning

How to clean a fur hat? You can use regular starch. But if it is applied to a fur hat, white particles can remain in the middle of the pile.Although starch cleans the headdress, it’s not a fact that the cap can be completely rid of it. Simply apply the starch, brush the cap. Starch absorbs pollution. Then shake out the cap, just do not use a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner, even with a special nozzle. You need to do it manually.

Mink hat cleaning

Before you clean the mink hat, you need to stock up with a brush for dry cleaning. It should be of medium hardness and necessarily dry. Since the fur can not be washed, it is worth taking care of the safety of the cap. Look at the label inside the product. If you accidentally wet the cap, do not dry it on the battery, otherwise the headpiece can be severely deformed.

Take alcohol (medical) to remove stains. Dilute it in water with table salt. The mixture must be filtered, rid of water. This solution can be cleaned cap against the growth of the pile. If you use a sponge moistened with this substance to clean the cap from dirty stains, the product will not lose its appearance. If there was a greasy stain on the cap, you need to apply talc on the cap, clean it with a brush. So the stain will not remain, and the cap will still be beautiful.

But the most difficult and painstaking work is cleaning the white mink hat. How to clean a white mink hat? There are many ways to do this. The main thing is not to wet the product. Apply potato starch to the fur, then carefully shake out the cap so that there are no grains left. This method will relieve the headdress from the yellow bloom, will give newness and the former shine to the pile.

You can also clean the white mink cap with a mixture of ammonia, peroxide and boiled water. All the ingredients need to be mixed, applied to the pile, then wrapped in a hat with a clean cloth, put on the balcony in the sun for several hours.

Now your fur products will shine, look rich and attractive!