How to clear a motorcycle?

Motorcycle is a very convenient means of transportation around the city. But finding a good bike is not easy. We get all the ads in the city, then in the area, but for now we do not find something that will satisfy all our needs and desires. And often suitable equipment can be found abroad. And here is the question of whether it is profitable to import a motorcycle from abroad. Of course, many people know that importing a car is often unprofitable for the buyer because of the expensive duty. But, how to clear the motorcycle and is it advantageous to bring this type of transport from another state?

If you bought a motorcycle in Russia

This happened if the previous owner imported it under the terms of a temporary import. This technique can be safely considered a motorcycle that was imported in violation of customs regulations. So, he, most likely, will be detained, driven away to the penalty area before all the issues become clear. Such a motorcycle can be used if you pay ALL customs payments that are calculated on the day of its importation. We remind you that motorcycles currently belong to subheading 8711 on the TN VED of the Russian Federation.They are not cars (passenger cars) in subheadings 8702 and 8703. Therefore, you should not compare the rules for payment at customs of passenger cars and motorcycles or bicycles. Register your purchase is in the customs authorities at the place of registration of the owner.

General rules

You should deliver your motorcycle to the place where customs officers will issue it, naturally, one of them will accompany you (you must pay customs payments in advance). The implementation of the delivery occurs on DKDTS. When importing a motorcycle, the payment rate will be 1000 euros (for a motorcycle). Deposit (your payment) must be paid in advance. You can enter it or any other registered person. Money must be transferred to the account of the customs authority. After your payment, you are required to issue a receipt. On this receipt, you receive a warranty certificate, this certificate indicates the method of security. It is this important paper that the owner of the motorcycle should have at the very moment when he will bring in his vehicle.

What we pay

  • Fees (customs clearance)
  • STF or flat rates

When you import a motorcycle, the payment is charged at a single rate - it is thirty percent of the cost, which established the customs.If the imported motorcycle is not intended for commercial purposes, then you will pay a duty and VAT. You will be required to show customs officers checks, invoices, certificates, all documents of the imported motorcycle. If you can not show the value of your motorcycle on paper, customs have the right to evaluate it. This is done on the basis of materials in the catalog of foreign firms. So, if you want to clear the motorcycle, you must understand that it will be expensive. There are also some custom calculators that you can also use when calculating. Here is one.

PS: How much does it cost to clear a motorcycle from Belarus or Kazakhstan? We remind you that if your equipment is in Belarus or Kazakhstan, and it is customs cleared, then you do not need to re-customs clearance. We also advise you to contact the experts in this area in a timely manner. So, you can save your money and quickly complete customs clearance of a motorcycle.