How often do we run into a cache congestion problem. Why is this happening? The fact is that the files that are loaded while browsing the sites are saved in a special section of the computer's memory. When the memory ends, it turns out that it is impossible to view the video. Pictures load slowly, and pages constantly hang. Accordingly, our task is to clear the cache. Praise heaven, all browsers have this feature! Let's figure out how to clean the cache in different browsers. So:

How to clear the cache?

How to clear Internet Explorer cache?

Open a browser. In it, select the "Tools" option. This option is in the menu on the top bar. Select the "Internet Options" function, which is the last in the list. After the window loads, you need to select the "Delete files" option. Inside the option, select "Delete content". Click "Finish". Now you need to close the control window.

How to clear Opera cache?

Now let's clean the cache in the very popular Opera browser. Open the "Tools" tab on the top bar. Now from the list, select "Preferences".In the menu on the left side you need to select "History and cache memory". Now, on the right side will appear the button "Clear immediately". At her and click. If deleting files takes a certain amount of time, then they have already accumulated enough. After the files are deleted, you need to press the "Finish" button.

How to clear the firefox cache?

There is nothing difficult in clearing the cache of the Firefox browser, as in other browsers. All operations are very similar to each other. Open the "Mozilla" and click on the "Tools" tab, which is located exactly in the top menu. In the list that opens, select the "Options" function. After opening the window, you need to select "Privacy". The button is located on the left side. On the right side you will find a button called "Clear". It is slightly to the right of "Cash". To clear the Firefox cache, click this button. After the end of the operation to clear the cache memory, you need to click the "Finish" button.

How to clear Google Chrome cache?

Google Chrome is an Internet browser that differs a lot from its competitors. Its interface is simple and you will not find a toolbar in it, like in other browsers. Another difference is the greater amount of computer resources that Google Chrome occupies. Let's try to clear the cache in this browser.In the upper right corner you need to open the option "Configure and manage Google Chrome." From the menu that appears, select the item "Options". Before us appeared the "Google Chrome Options" window. We need to select the function "Delete browsing data". This feature is found in the Advanced tab. Now select the "Clear Cache" option. Only there you need to leave a tick. With all other functions you can remove the check mark. To confirm your decision and clear the cache, click on "Delete browsing data". That's all, the cache is cleared and you can continue to enjoy working on the Internet.

These were the main ways to clean the cache in the most famous and popular browsers. It seems to us that having tried to clear the cache once, you will easily do it yourself. The main thing is not to worry about the cache load.