How to connect 2 hard drives?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
November 21, 2014
How to connect 2 hard drives?

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How to connect 2 hard drives?

Sometimes on one hard disk there is not enough space to store all the necessary information. This situation is quite relevant for professional photographers and videographers. There are two ways to solve the problem of insufficient space: buy a large-capacity external disk or install a second hard disk. The first method is simple - go to the store and buy, but, here, you need to deal with the second. This article will tell you how to install 2 hard drives.

Determine the type of interface

The type of disk controller interface can be parallel (PATA) and serial (SATA). On a PATA disk, as a rule, a wide and flat cable, on a SATA disk - narrow without jumpers, usually it is red. You can find out your type by looking at the system unit and looking at the motherboard.

We buy a disc and cables

Choose a new hard disk with your own requirements, as well as the type of controller interface - a Molex power cable is connected to a PATA disk, and a special SATA power cable is connected to SATA.

We connect a disk

  1. Turn off the computer and turn off all the cables, remove the side panel of the system;
  2. We insert the hard drive into the free cell along the guides, connect the necessary cables: power cable to the power supply unit, SATA or PATA cable to the motherboard.
  3. We assemble the system unit, turn on the computer.
  4. If the connections are correct, you will see the new drive in the "My Computer" menu.