How to connect 2 switches?

Galina Devyatkina
Galina Devyatkina
December 19, 2014
How to connect 2 switches?

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How to connect 2 switches?

On electrical wires there are always two feed channels — phase and zero. The phase from the circuit breaker on the panel passes into the junction box, where it is then fed to the input of our double switch. From the switch, the phase passes through two wires to the chandelier. Zero enters the junction box and passes immediately to the chandelier.

So let's take a look at how to connect 2 switches.

How to connect a switch for two keys

The main participants in the process will be the following elements: a shield in the apartment or the entrance, a junction box and a chandelier. The main thing is to understand how the phase is divided and which of the wires is phase. At the entrance we have one phase wire that goes from the panel or wiring, and at the output we can get as many phase wires as we want.

  1. Turning off the power.
  2. When dealt with the phase wire, disassemble the switch. We see one terminal at the bottom (this is the input) and two at the top (these are the outputs for two phase wires).
  3. We connect the phase wire to the input of the switch.We also connect to the output (to two terminals) by one wire, we also connect them to the junction box.
  4. The zero wire is always the same and common to all phase conductors. We connect it to the junction box.
  5. The zero wire coming out of the junction box is connected to the chandelier.
  6. Turn on the power. Now we use a screwdriver with an indicator to check if the phase is closed. We apply to one of the outgoing phase wires from the switch and turn on the light using the switch key. The indicator will show whether it is closed or not (if the indicator on the screwdriver lights up - yes, if this does not happen, then it does not work). Check and the second wire, turn on the second key switch.