How to connect a tablet to a laptop?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
December 1, 2014
How to connect a tablet to a laptop?

Every year more and more gadgets appear on the market, which are entering our life and replacing old equipment. For example, push-button cell phones have faded into the background - touchscreens are in great demand. Stationary computers are by and large replaced by laptops, and laptops by tablets. But still, most tablet owners are hesitant to completely abandon PCs or netbooks.

How to connect the tablet to the PC via USB

So, there are several ways to connect a tablet to a PC. It does not matter for what purposes - it could be software update, replenishment of the film library, installation of new programs and much more.

The first and easiest way is to connect the tablet to the PC via the usb-wire that comes with the charger.

  1. To do this, turn on the computer or laptop, insert the usb-wire into it.
  2. Turn on the tablet and connect it to a computer or laptop using usb-wire.
  3. On the screen you will see the message: "The device is connected." And on the tablet you will see a new icon in the lower right corner, which will appear after the device is connected to the PC. You also need to press the message button on the tablet "Connect device".
  4. If the tablet is properly connected, then on a computer or laptop you can see the new connected drive, from which you can transfer information to a PC and vice versa.

Connect via bluetooth

If there is no usb wire, then you can establish a wireless connection between the tablet and the PC using bluetooth. If the computer does not have a bluetooth receiver, connect the bluetooth adapter via the usb input.

  1. In the upper right corner of the tablet, locate the bluetooth icon and plug it in.
  2. Select the file, click "Send via Bluetooth".
  3. A “Receive file” notification will pop up on your computer, if you click “Yes” or “Ok”, the file will be sent straight to your PC.

We also prepared an article How to connect a tablet to the Internet, which can be interesting if you purchased a tablet in order to use the Internet. The tablet is convenient because it is compact. The device is well suited for surfing the Internet, so if you have constant access to the Internet, you can do without connecting the tablet to a computer.But keep in mind that the tablets have a small memory compared to a PC, so you have to periodically delete old files to load new ones.