How to connect the hob?

The main task of kitchen appliances - cooking. And the main tool here is the cooking surface. This is a modern replacement for already outdated slabs.

The task of how to connect the hob is not very difficult. Especially if you follow all the instructions. Of course, the priority is if you have already had experience with such equipment. Otherwise, it is worth contacting a specialist.

Connection electric cooktop

Like any powerful appliance, electric cooking surface has technical requirements. First, before connecting the electric hob, you need to check the condition of the wiring. It must be in good condition and be able to withstand great power.

  • A cable with a cross section of at least 6 mm is used, ² and check if it is copper. The automatic machine should have power consumption more than 50А.
  • A hob will require a separate power cable. It is better to take a three-core, having a cross section of 4 mm², for this, check whether your socket has three connectors. If not, replace it with one. The socket must be designed for a current from 15A to 30A.It is necessary to conduct a separate electric line directly from the electrical panel. The line should begin with a socket with a grounding contact, and end with an automatic machine with a capacity of 16A.
  • After you have installed all the additional lines and connection tools, remove the electrical panel from its packaging and carefully inspect it. There should be no damage, all parts and wires must be fully operational. If you already had an electric hob, dismantle it with all the fixings and details. Then install the new panel. In order for it to function as efficiently as possible, set it to the level.
  • Before you connect and test the panel, carefully read the instructions. Particular attention should be paid to the items on installation by specialists, and on installation on their own. All the risks and points you might have missed are described there. Not be redundant and advice in the store or service center. If you are not confident in your own abilities, then it is better to entrust the installation of the panel to a specialist.

Gas hob

So, wonderinghow to connect a gas hob, remember the specifics of the work. All work carried out with gas is incredibly dangerous and requires special knowledge and experience. Since a gas leak can lead to poisoning or even an explosion, you should always trust such work specialist. But if you already had a similar experience, or you will connect with a knowledgeable person, then simply follow all the steps in the instructions below.

  • The most important step is the choice of a gas hose. It must be free from defects so that there is no gas leak. Testifies to the good quality of the hose with a special certificate. It is attached to the hose and issued in the store.
  • Gas hoses are of two types - metal corrugated or selfonovye and rubber.
  • After you have prepared all the necessary tools — a hose, adjustable wrenches, and a gas winding — you can remove the panel from its packaging. After, carefully inspect it to identify the presence of mechanical damage and defects.

In case the panel is not damaged, then it can be connected.

  • Connect the gas hose with adjustable wrenches to the inlet valve of the gas pipeline.To avoid gas leakage, use gas winding.
  • Connect the gas hose to the outlet of the panel, designed to be connected to the gas pipeline. Such panels have two exits, one of them is for connecting a gas cylinder. In order not to confuse them, carefully read the instructions.
  • After the end of the connection, you need to turn on the gas valve. After that, apply a soap solution to the winding to check the hose. If the foam does not move and bubbles do not appear, there is no gas leak. In this case, you can turn on the surface itself. First turn on one of the burners. Wait a minute to let the air out. After, turn on the burner. Do this alternately with all the burners on the panel.
  • Gas hob is installed below the level.