How to cook sea kale?

Sea kale is not only a healthy product, but also very tasty, if properly prepared. Begin picking seaweed should be at low tide. It must be removed from the soil along with the root. After you have collected enough algae to cook, remove the roots and those leaves that have turned yellow or damaged. Cabbage should not be flawed. If you do not know how to cook dry sea kale, then read this recipe.

Cooking sea kale

  1. First, rinse the sheets well. It is best to do this in the bath, it will be more convenient, and the water will not splash on the floor. Then cut them into equal pieces.
  2. Take a large saucepan, put about half of the algae in it, then pour in cold water.
  3. Put the pot on the fire and start cooking until the water boils. Then boil the cabbage for about five minutes and drain. Next, you will need to refill the contents with cold water and wait for the re-boiling. After 5 minutes the fire can be turned off.
  4. When the preparation is complete, the algae will need to be rinsed with cold water and cooled. Cut the cabbage (beautifully looks cabbage, which is sliced ​​thin noodles). Now you can use seaweed in the preparation of salads, side dishes or soups.

To preserve the cabbage as long as possible, from itnecessarymake marinade. This will require approximately three glasses of hot water, salt, sugar, bay leaf and cloves. All this is mixed and cooked for 15 minutes, after which the excess liquid is drained and the cabbage is cooled. Then you can add vinegar to taste, pour it with marinade and let stand for 6-8 hours.

Seaweed Salad

To prepare one serving you will need:

  • Tomato (3 pieces)
  • Eggs (2 pieces)
  • Cucumber (3 pieces)
  • Bow (1 head)
  • Potatoes (5 pieces)
  • Carrots (3 pieces)
  • Vegetable oil (to taste)
  • Lemon (to taste)
  • Canned corn (250 grams)
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Mayonnaise (to taste)
  • Garlic (1 head)


  1. It is necessary to boil potatoes and carrots in uniform. Then you need to clean the vegetables and cut them into cubes.
  2. After that, take the onion and cut it into rings or half rings. Chop the pickles in the same way as the potatoes.
  3. Put all cooked vegetables and canned sea kale in a salad bowl.
  4. After thatrefuelsalad with vegetable oil and mix. If you want to cook from frozen seaweed, then you should first defrost it and cook for about ten minutes.
  5. Then take the cucumber and tomato, and cut them into cubes.
  6. Next you need to chop the onion and fry it until it becomes translucent. Fry better in vegetable oil.
  7. Boiled eggs should be peeled and finely chopped. It is more convenient to use a cup with a fork for this procedure. Lay the egg in a cup and chop with a fork.
  8. Take a lemon and squeeze the juice out of it.
  9. Next, you need to mix vegetables, sea cabbage, corn and fried onions, then squeeze the garlic and pour the juice of lemon.
  10. Before serving the table, it is necessary to fill it with mayonnaise.