How to cook zucchini fritters?

Daria Kudrina
Daria Kudrina
January 28, 2013
How to cook zucchini fritters?

Zucchini fritters are a summer and very tasty dish and, which is important, quickly cooked. It is suitable for any time of day - pancakes can be prepared for dinner, for breakfast, and for dinner.

How to cook zucchini fritters: recipes

In the first place, of course, you need a zucchini, preferably a young or squash. To prepare for two portions will need the following ingredients:

  1. about 250 grams (1 piece) zucchini;
  2. three eggs;
  3. a couple tablespoons of flour;
  4. one clove of garlic;
  5. greens - dill, parsley, onion;
  6. salt and pepper to taste;
  7. cooking oil for frying;
  8. sour cream to serve.

Eggs are broken in a deep bowl, lightly pepper and slightly churned with a whisk or fork. Greens and garlic are finely chopped and added to eggs. All mix.

Then I wash my zucchini and rub it on a coarse grater (it is possible in a meat grinder), and if not a young zucchini is used, then it is necessary to cut off the rough skin and remove the seeds. Grated zucchini is added to the egg - seasoning mass.After that, add flour there and mix everything well. It is advised to salt the future pancakes right before frying, otherwise the zucchini will release a lot of juice - the dough will turn out very liquid and you will have to add more flour.

Roasted squash fritters as well as the usual - laid out in small slides on a preheated pan with butter. In the process of frying pancakes can be slightly pressed with a spoon or spatula, making them flatter. They are fried one - two minutes until golden brown.

Olives are served hot and, preferably, with sour cream and greens. Zucchini pancakes are fashionable to do not only with greens, but also with other additives - for example, with potatoes or with cheese.

How to make zucchini fritters with potatoes

For two servings, the ingredients remain the same - only 200 grams of potatoes are added. This type of fritters is prepared in the same way, but potatoes are added to the grated zucchini in the same form.

How to make zucchini fritters with cheese

Some changes are added to our recipe again - namely:

  • small bell pepper;
  • hard cheese - about 50 grams.

First of all, peppers and onions are lightly fried in a skillet.Then everything is done as in the first recipe, but to the finished dough is added grated cheese, as well as the resulting frying. That's all, pancakes with cheese are ready, it remains only to file nicely.

So, zucchini fritters are cooked quite easily and not for long. In addition, they can always diversify with new flavors by adding other products.