How to create a beautiful female body

Buttocks should be elastic. You can tighten your muscles by doing simple exercises for the buttocks at home. Quick effect gives the following exercise: lay a mat on the floor, lie on your back, bend your legs and let the child lie on them. Try to raise it several times. The child will be fun, and you benefit. Useful for ass squats with a load - dumbbells or a small barbell. A small excursion into history - beautiful buttocks were valued in ancient Greece, there were even temples of Aphrodite Kallipigi (Aphrodite was a beautiful garden).

Pay attention to the forearms, the skin should not sag on them, you can tighten it by performing simple exercises with dumbbells. Be sure to strengthen the spinal muscles. The straight body with the bust set forward and the head held high will surely attract the attention of men. Most men think that the bigger the bust, the better. If the breasts are naturally small in size, go to the gym and pump up your pectoral muscles - the bust will noticeably increase.Go for a little trick - wear a bra with special tabs.

Sexy ladies with an hourglass look. To become the owner of the aspen waist, you need to twist the hoop as often as possible. Hula-hoop is a universal simulator, it eliminates fat deposits and has a beneficial effect on the state of the whole organism. Hoops are different: plastic and metal - empty inside or with a weighting agent, folding - it is convenient to take them with you on a picnic trip. There is even a massage, with rubber balls around the ring.