How to create a lobby in DotA?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
October 5, 2014
How to create a lobby in DotA?

Players who are in search of an exciting MOBA will not be disappointed in the choice of the world-famous game Dota 2. More than 100 characters, several game modes, the ability to select opponents from anywhere in the world, as well as a lot of incredible things for all the characters will not let go of this game years In order to superficially delve into this game, you should read the article How to play DotA. Further, it will be discussed how to directly take the first steps in the game client itself and create your first match.

Creating a Dota 2 Room

First of all, when you enter the game menu, several items appear at the top of the screen:

  • Today;
  • Score;
  • A game;
  • Broadcast;
  • Library;
  • Community.

To create a lobby in DotA, you need to select from the list: Game. From the game modes that appear on the left, select below: Create a lobby. If you want to play with comrades whose computers are connected to your network, then select the item: Local Lobby, for playing on the Internet: Create a Lobby.Below there will also be available the settings that you need to set before starting the game: password, mode, server location, the ability to use cheats and bots, etc.

Adding bots to the game

Of course, it is not always possible to find 10 players who are ready to go into the lobby without a hitch and start the game, so you can turn on the presence of bots in the game. In order to create bots in the Dota 2 lobby, select the "Settings" item and tick the "use bots" command. Below you can also select their difficulty level from “passive” to “dishonest”. Having created a lobby, you can also adjust the difficulty of bots by adding them to slots manually. In the paragraph: "Take a seat" there is a pointer (arrow down), clicking on which you will be able to access the bot's difficulty level.

Create a character in the Dota 2 lobby

After clicking the button: "Start game" you can go directly to the choice of characters. Create a hero in the lobby can be in several sequences, depending on the selected early game mode. In case of selecting the mode: "All pick", each player can create a hero in the lobby dots 2 in free order, without any restrictions.Game modes: Random Draft, Single Draft, Captains Mode, etc. imply certain limitations in the choice of characters.