How to create a menu?

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How to create a menu?

Having created a group or a public page on vKontakte, many users begin to think about creating a colorful and attractive menu in it. And this is not by chance, because the menu is the first thing people pay attention to when they find your public or group in the search bar.


  1. In order to have a small idea of ​​how the menu is created, go to the vkontakte wiki markup.
  2. We pass an express course on the implementation of the basic actions necessary to work with a group or a public page.
  3. Close the wiki and go to the page of your own group.


  1. Go to your group and click on the control bar.
  2. Further, being in it, we include the section "Materials".
  3. After that, go to the central field and immediately after the line with the name and location, select "Edit" and click on it.

Create a menu

We turn on the imagination and start creating a colorful menu.

  1. First of all, we come up with an appearance for the link in the menu.
    Remember that our main task is to attract as many subscribers as possible, respectively, the appearance of the link should stand out from the crowd.
  2. Find the image or images that we plan to use as a title.
  3. Further, when the visual editor is on, type the title for the menu.
  4. Getting to the creation of the necessary code.
  5. Remember, the system is rare, but it hangs with a special frequency, so we save the resulting code on your PC.
  6. After each change we save the page and view the result in a new tab.

Menu images

  1. As for the images, we create for them a separate photo album into which we upload them.
  2. Next, open each of the photos separately and copy its individual code.