How to create a Minecraft server?

Minecraft game with every day is becoming more and more popular. Despite the fact that at first glance it looks strange (compared to other popular games that go on sale in recent years) and it is not clear, many players attract this very thing. All that uniformity, which seems to be observed in the game, on the contrary, allows you to create whole worlds and tighten yourself for a long time.

Creating a server for the game is not a very difficult task even for the novice computer user. The main point in success is to strictly follow all the recommendations that you will find in the article. Try to fully follow all the points that are set out below and you will definitely succeed.

Let's start how to create a minecraft server

In our article we will look at setting up the server for the game in its standard form, the way the developers created it. Such manipulations are enough to fully enjoy the game.

The server can be downloaded on the official site of the game minecraft. It is distributed completely free of charge, unlike the client, so we recommend downloading it from the game�s site itself so as not to get infected with the virus by downloading the wrong file from the infected site.

As a bonus, we will consider setting up the Hamachi program, killing two birds with one stone and answering the question about Minecraft: how to create a hamachi server? This program serves to create a local network between users over an Internet connection. This method has a lot of advantages, for example, even if you have a �gray� ip-address (your Internet provider distributes addresses using NAT), then you can still invite players to your playground. Also, hamachi will be able to solve the problem of opening ports, which is a popular problem among users of Windows systems due to strong paranoia of antiviruses.

Creating a hamachi server

Create a server through Minecraft hamachi easy! So, let's begin. First of all, we need the Hamachi program itself, which can be downloaded from its official website. Download and install? Congratulations. Now we have to do a few simple steps with this program, after which we will proceed to setting up the Minecraft server itself. How to create a hamachi server?

Run the installed hamachi. The program will prompt you to register. It is not necessary in this case to try to somehow get around this requirement. Do not be lazy and fill in all the fields correctly and reliably.After you have successfully passed everything, we need to know our identifier. We will need it in order to make our local network and get a unique address for other players to access our server.

Click in the top panel "System" and select the parameters in the column. Locate the line identifier. There will be numbers like this: 123-456-789. You need to fill them in (no, not the ones I wrote, but the ones that the program gives you). Recorded? Now press the "OK" button, than you close the window.

Before us is again an open program as from the very beginning. Now we need to create a new local network, for which we have done so much of the incomprehensible. In the top menu of the window, select the �Network� menu and there you need to click on �Create a network�.

You see a window in which there are only two questions. One is indifikator. It is here that you need to enter those 9 digits that you wrote down in the past action, and it was for this that you memorized them. In another question you are asked for a password. Well, everything is clear here - you need to enter the password that you set when registering with the system. Now click on the button "Create" and ... Congratulations! We have taken an important step - set up our local network.Now the address at which our server will be available is written just below the top menu of the program near the �Power� button (depicted as a semicircle with a stick in the middle).

Minecraft server via Hamachi

So, we have done all the preparatory steps that we needed to prepare our local network and now we can safely proceed to setting up the server itself. I hope that by this time you have already downloaded the server assembly from the official site. If you can not figure out which version you need, then I will try to explain.

Minectaft is a cross-platform game thanks to being written in the Java programming language. That is, users can play this game on any platform, be it Linux, Windows or Mac OS. Naturally, server assemblies can work on all systems. Typically, these versions have the extension * .jar. There is also a version specifically for Windows, which I recommend you install. She, like the usual program for this operating system has the extension * .exe.

So, you have decided on what suits you best and saved this version on your computer. Create a special folder on your disk in which our server will be located and transfer the multiplayer (server) file there.I strongly advise you not to create this whole thing on your desktop or in any secondary folder that you can forget about everything to delete. In this case, it will be at least unpleasant, because you lose all the settings and save.

You have done all the actions mentioned above. Now run the server file and a three-part window should open before you. Now pay attention to the rightmost window of the program. There should be many, for many not clear, words in English. Try to view them all and search for the word Failed to bind to port there. If this problem shows itself to be known, then most likely you have not correctly configured the Hamachi program! Go back to the very beginning of our instructions and try to repeat everything anew, carefully monitoring the observance of all points, as well as at the expense of the mistakes of the hamachi. They should not be !!!

If everything went well with you, and the server did not give out that horrible phrase, then I congratulate you. You have just created your own server and found out the answer to the question: how to create a Minecraft server! But that is not all. Despite the fact that we have already created what we have been striving for so long, we need to change the settings to add comfort in the game and be sure that everything will work for sure.

After the program for creating the server has been launched, a new folder with the name �world� will appear in the folder that we separately created (I hope you did not miss this item). It contains all the configuration files and other important things. At the moment we need a configuration file called It contains all the values for the game. Here you can enable and disable the necessary functions, as well as add new ones.

We will not consider all the items that are contained in that file, because it will take too much time. Together we will consider several important points that need to be changed.

Find the line server-ip = in that file and recall the address that Hamachi gave us (yes, yes, it was indicated near the �Power� icon mentioned at the very beginning) Write these numbers immediately after �=�.

The second item that will require our intervention is online-mode-true. By standard, near this value is the word true. But in our case, it is advisable to replace it with false. This will allow players to play on the server from a pirated version of the game.

All! Now you can safely start the server and invite friends to it. Remember to remind them to install Hamachi too!