How to create a slogan

When creating a slogan, remember that the most important thing is to make the slogan easy to remember, as well as causing instant and clear associations with a potential client or customer. The slogan should not cause confusion among the audience - it should be easily perceived by all its representatives.
Think over the structuresloganDepending on its type - slogans can be both corporate and commercial. If you create a slogan in the framework of an advertising campaign, it must reflect the company's business and, if possible, be universal, so that in the event of a company reassignment, it can correspond to a new business line.
Also, the slogan may not reflect the company's type of activity at all, but focus on profitability, high quality of products, and also on the fact that the company advertised by the slogan is out of competition.
Connect your imagination and come up with a phrase that will not only become an advertising quote, always associated with a particular product, but will also turn into a phrase that is constantly used by the people and is widely known to everyone.The slogan must be sustainable and at the same time retain an emotional message, even if it is not used in visual advertising, but in print or on the air.
Start creating a slogan with a clear definition of goals and objectives, understand what you want to tell the consumer what exactly you need to convey to him, what you need to focus on. Having built the foundationslogan, research competitors' slogans to avoid repetition and plagiarism.
Create several variants of the necessary phrase and select the most successful one, applying them alternately in different advertising messages. Always remember that the slogan must be objective, truthful, it must be easily remembered, and then it will be heard by all consumers.