How to create your store?

Recently, online stores are becoming more and more popular - it is convenient and profitable to buy in them. Not surprisingly, many today are trying to earn it on online stores. Why? It is not necessary to rent premises, hire staff, spend money on the design of the sales area ... However, creating an online store and promoting it so that users select it among hundreds of others may also be a costly business. How to make and promote online store, as well as what problems may arise in this article, we will discuss in this article.


There are three ways to make an online store:

By pattern

Today there are a lot of sites, giving the opportunity to create an online store from scratch in a short time. You can make a nice store for free, for example,.

On their own

Of course, you can create a website from scratch on your own - in this case, you will get an absolute exclusive, but you will need a huge amount of time, knowledge and mental strength.

Confide in a professional

Another option is to turn to the pros, they will do it exclusively and quickly, but expensive.

Everyone chooses the creation option himself, based on his available resources and capabilities.


There are a lot of opportunities to promote on the Internet, each case has advantages and disadvantages. Consider more.

  • SEO optimization or search engine optimization is a great way to win target customers. The task of "SEOs" ("advertisers") - to bring the site to the top of the issue with a specific query in search engines. Investing in this method will have to be serious, but for a long time there will be no return. In addition, on certain topics (for example, plastic windows) to bring the site to the top is almost impossible.
  • Work with bulletin boards. Today, the network has a mass of already advanced bulletin boards (for example, Avito). No one bothers you to place the goods of your store on these sites with the appropriate link. Investments here are small, and returns can be very good.
  • Contextual advertising and banner advertising - methods, though effective, but very expensive. The likelihood that when the target request, the user will go to your site is quite high, but will have to invest seriously.
  • Promotion in social networks.This is perhaps the most accessible method of promotion today, but its success depends on many conditions. In particular, on the subject of the store.
  • Mailing lists. This is an ineffective method: firstly, everyone is tired of spam, secondly, everyone is tired of spam, and finally ... everyone is tired of spam! Yes, sometimes you can get there, but in most cases it will only cause irritation.

Account Store

Recently, online shopping accounts are gaining popularity. This is a very tricky way to make money. People register on various portals and online games with beautiful accounts, and then they are sold. In general, it looks like a shop of beautiful numbers on the site of a cellular operator, only a beautiful number can be created by yourself.

Shop accounts - a good opportunity to create your business without really any investment. You can make a site for free on the store on the basis of templates and start mining accounts. Of course, this is hard, because it seems all the best accounts are already clogged, but in this business you need to have the gift of foresight. For example, predicting that a new network game will soon become very popular, you can quickly create a bunch of cool accounts in it.