How to cure a computer?

In this article I will give you several ways how to cure your computer from viruses for free. After all, if you have suffered from the actions of intruders, it is not necessary to pay for the damage they have done to your computer.

How to cure your computer from viruses

First, let's talk about the easiest way to clean your computer from malware or viruses - it is suitable in cases where your PC (personal computer) is still more or less normal. This means that it loads and does not hang immediately after loading, and also does not ask you to send various SMS messages from time to time to such address.

However, if you feel that something is wrong with the computer - it freezes, when it doesn’t have to do it, it reboots unexpectedly or the programs cannot boot for a long time - it's time to clean your PC of temporary files. This procedure is quite simple, but extremely useful, even if you just need to optimize your PC. For example, improve speed and download programs.

Why does cleaning a computer from temporary files help in many cases? It's no secret that almost all viruses today come to us from the Internet. And all information (about visited pages, viewed videos and pictures, listened records, read texts, etc.) is stored in Internet browsers in the form of temporary files that need to be deleted in order to secure your PC and speed up its work. To delete temporary files, there are two methods that operate with varying degrees of efficiency. Consider each one of them.

Windows Tools

Open My Computer and right-click (right-click) on drive C (or on the drive where you have the operating system installed). You will see a drop-down menu in which you need to select the "Properties" item. Now find the “Disk Cleanup” button next to the color image of the disk on the right. Click on it LMB (left mouse button) and wait until the computer prepares files for deletion.

In the list that appears, select all temporary files (put a check in front of them) and click “OK”. This method helps from simple viruses that lie, so to speak, on the surface.If this does not help, proceed to the next step - cleaning the disk with the help of special programs.

Special programs

It should be noted here that there are a great many similar programs and scripts (script execution programs) on the Internet. Of those that I used, I can single out three that I had the most favorable impression of. They are called RegCleaner, Ccleaner and TuneUp Utilities (the latter, however, is not always free). Here are links to great free versions of these programs: and - download, install and run them. There are various options available in the programs (cleaning the registry, deleting temporary files, etc.), and any schoolchild can figure out how to use them, especially since they are completely Russified.

Free cure computer online

Here we mean, of course, special anti-virus programs. There is an opinion that free antivirus programs are significantly inferior in quality to such paid “monsters” as DrWeb or Kaspersky and that, they say, they cannot be cured for free by a computer. In fact, such rumors are supported, mainly, by developers and users of paid antivirus software (software), while free antivirus software itself is not much inferior to it, if it is inferior.

As a reliable computer protection, I recommend the Avast antivirus program, which for several years has never failed me. By the way, Avast has a paid version. It differs from free it in that it allows you to catch various spyware "things." Again, there are a number of free anti-spyware programs, of which I will mark Superantispyware.

Returning to Avast, I note that, unlike vaunted paid programs, it scans your computer in real time, practically without loading the PC's memory, which is very important if you work with demanding applications. In addition, the program can always be disabled if you decide, for example, to play. Just do not forget to turn it on when you are ready to go online. Avast can be downloaded. Select the Free Antivirus package. The program Superantispyware is available. Also choose Free Edition.

Download Live CD

If you still want to try an antivirus program for a fee, I recommend that you first download the so-called Live CD from the developer to see how it will work. To do this, go to the website of some developer and download the Live CD, then burn the package with the virus definitions to a CD and download it to check your PC. You can also selectively check the folder or file from your computer and on the sites of developers themselves.Well, here we have listed all the ways how to cure a computer.