How to cure the nasal mucosa

Do not start the disease. SARS, acute respiratory infections and other colds treat immediately. Do not carry the disease on your feet, it is fraught with complications and the occurrence of more serious ailments.
Do not abuse the frequent instillation of drops - it is quickly addictive, which is then quite difficult to get rid of. Graduality is important here. To do this, increase the intervals between instillation, dilute the drops with distilled water to reduce the concentration of the active substance, alternately drop the drops into the nostrils (for the first time, drip into one nostril, into the next one into the other).
Take frequent walks, with a dream, lay your head higher, well ventilate the room.
Rinse the nose. You can use sea water spray or saline (one teaspoon of salt for half a liter of water). However, this procedure is not suitable for those who have weak vessels. Nasal bleeding may begin.
Do inhalation.Now there are small medical devices that are convenient to have at home. In case of inflammation of the mucous membrane, the use of alkaline-oil inhalations is widespread. You can simply take a plate / pot of hot water, drop a few drops of fir or eucalyptus oil there and breathe a little with this healing steam.
Heat your nose. This removes the swelling of the mucous.