How to cut jeans?

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How to cut jeans?

Do you want to give a second life to old jeans or to make something more rude of neat new jeans pants? Or, perhaps, are you planning to turn long pants into sexy and stylish shorts? Nothing is easier! We will tell you how to cut jeans or give them a grunge look with the help of several improvised means.

Making holes in jeans

To carefully cut jeans, use ordinary scissors or, for example, a blade. You will also need sandpaper. Instead, you can take, for example, a metal grater for the legs. In addition, prepare a pencil or a small thin piece of dry soap and tweezers.

  1. First, mark with a pencil or a piece of dry soap line cut. In order not to cut through the leg through, put something solid (a small plank, a folded magazine, etc.) under the incision site. Using scissors or a blade, make two cuts.
  2. Now use tweezers to remove the blue threads that are perpendicular to the white threads. As a result, you will have a beautiful neat row of white threads.
  3. You can also just make a single cut with scissors and walk on it with an emery paper or a grater - this will allow you to bring out the white thread of denim, making the edges of the cut more attractive.

When making cuts, keep in mind that the size of the holes in the process of wearing and after each wash will increase, and therefore do not initially make them too large.

You can also make curly cuts, pre-marked on the fabric desired pattern. To the edges of the figures do not crawl, glue them interlining with a hot iron.

Cut off jeans

  1. In order to properly trim the jeans, first try them on in front of the mirror and determine the length of future shorts or breeches. Mark with dry soap, a pencil or pins.
  2. Take off your pants and measure the exact length of the future product with a centimeter. Draw lines on each side of each leg.Jeanscuts. If you want to roll up the edges of the shorts after that, be sure to leave the necessary number of centimeters to trim the jeans.
  3. Take sharp scissors and cut unnecessary fabric along the lines.

The edges will look more interesting if you walk on them with an emery paper, pumice stone or a metal grater for your feet (you can also use a kitchen grater).If you want, on the contrary, to cover the ragged edges, then you can, for example, sew lace to them. For those who do not know how to sew, a special lace tape on adhesive basis, which is attached to the fabric with an iron in seconds, will be a real salvation. You can buy it in the shops for sewing.