How to decorate a hat?

Such a simple, but necessary thing, like a hat, can be decorated with many different ways. Even the most nondescript headdress can be revived with the help of an interesting and original part.

If you know how to crochet, then nothing could be easier for you than learning how to decorate a hat for an adult or for a child. With the help of a hook and thread, you can make a beautiful hat complement in a matter of minutes. The main thing is to choose the threads to match, if you want the decoration to match the color of the cap. Details of contrasting colors, especially on children's things, will look impressive.

How to decorate a hat

Ideas for crocheted details

  • Take a thread of different bright colors and tie a lot of small balls or flowers. They can be sewn over the entire surface of a knitted hat.
  • You can link one or more large ornaments in the form of a flower, butterfly, heart, mushroom, leaflets, fruit, girl, boy, or the head of some animal, such as a cat or dog. Flowers will suit everyone, and other options are more suitable for children.

How to decorate a hat

How to decorate a knitted hat with embroidery

With the help of floss threads, you can embroider almost any patterns on the knitted cap. Best for embroidery fit plain hats, connected without a pattern. Embroidery looks better on a smooth surface. If there is a knitted pattern on the cap, then its structure can be emphasized with the help of embroidery with bright threads. You can embroider in a circle caps, small patterns across the surface or embroider several large patterns in front or side.

How to decorate a hat

How to decorate a hat with beads

The headdresses decorated with beads look very original. If you like this idea, you will need beads, transparent fishing line and a fine needle for beads. Instead of fishing line, you can use a regular thread. Complex patterns designed for embroidery with threads may look bad if you embroider them with beads. Beads in the form of an ornament look best on knitted head patterns. Even the simplest ornament of small beads will look spectacular. Transparent beads add luster, and colored beads will help make the cap more fun. When embroidering knitted items with beads, you need to ensure that the fabric is not tightened, otherwise the embroidered pattern will be skewed in the finished form, and folds and unevenness may appear on the cap.

How to decorate a hat

How to decorate a baby hat

If you don’t like any of the methods listed above, you can decorate the hat for the child in a different way.

  • A small fun brooch or badge can be attached to the front or side of the cap. Make sure that they are not too heavy and do not delay the threads of the cap. Some knitted items can be damaged by attaching a brooch to them.
  • Instead of beads for embroidery, you can use larger beads of various colors. Of these, you can make an ornament or sew them one by one across the surface of the cap.
  • On the knitted cap, you can sew a finished appliqué fabric. Such applications can be bought in the usual haberdashery shop.
  • Embroidery and appliqué can be supplemented with buttons, sequins, beads, rhinestones, shiny threads and ribbons
  • If you have chosen the appropriate method, but still have not come up with the idea of ​​how to decorate a hat, photos with different ideas for decoration can inspire you.