How to delete a page in "Small World"?

For many people, social networks have become a place where you can chat with friends and like-minded people, spend leisure time, promote your ideas and products to the masses, etc. But sometimes there is a need to delete your account from a particular community. Of course, everyone has his own reasons, but the problem that one has to face in this case is the same for everyone.

It turns out that not every social network can be deleted permanently. For example, the administration of the site “Small World” only blocks the account, and does not delete it forever. That is, at any time, your page can be unlocked and use the information on it. Therefore, the forums are often asked questions about how to remove the "Small World", or to be more precise, how to delete your account from this social network.

This policy of site owners is explained very simply. The number of registered users depends on how many advertisers will want to place their banners in this particular social network.Accordingly, the more users, the greater the income of site owners.

In view of the foregoing, in order to ensure that your account will never resume its activity, it is not enough just to go to “Edit Profile”, “Settings”, “Personal” and in the “My page see” box, select “Nobody”. You need to perform a number of actions that will ensure your privacy as much as the system allows.

Let's look at the algorithm of actions on the example of the social network “Small World”. Although such manipulations are not superfluous to produce when deleting your account from other communities. Then your soul will surely be calm.

Remove the page

So let's consider the account deletion algorithm.

  • Go to "Edit Profile", "About Me" and erase all information about yourself. In the fields marked with an asterisk, enter dummy data, otherwise the system will not allow you to save changes.
  • In the "Portrait" item you can not delete your photos, they are allowed only to add new ones. So you should not try.
  • In the "Contacts" delete all information. Only erase your email, alas, will not work.
  • With the points "Sites" and "Interests" you should not have any difficulties. Everything there is easily removed.
  • Now you need to click on "Save Changes."
  • And only after that go to “Edit profile”, “Settings”, “Personal” and mark “No one” in the line “See my page”. Here you will be asked to specify the reason for blocking your account. You can just write a "change of residence" or something like that.
  • And, as a final touch, on the page of your profile, click on the word "photo", located under your photo. So you go to "Personal photos". Here, alternately click on the crosses located under each of your photos and answer affirmatively to the system's question about deletion, until there are no photos left in this section.

That's basically it. Now you know how to delete a page in “Small World” permanently. No one sees your account. Profile data is bogus.