How to develop feelings?

There are many beliefs and legends, telling that the main thing in life is love. It gives strength, gives life meaning, does not allow you to feel lonely. But any fire needs to be maintained and firewood thrown into the fire, otherwise it will go out. The same thing happens with love. It is necessary to constantly develop and renew feelings, otherwise they will die away.

At a certain point, relationships lose their novelty and brightness, then people begin to quarrel and move away from each other. And if you do not take action, the couple will part. In order for this not to happen, you need to think about how to develop feelings, and it is best to do it together.

Reasons for the fading of love

What makes the relationship more often cool? From lack of trust. As a rule, both a man and a woman may be afraid to open up to each other, as this can cause pain, especially if there has been a negative experience in past relationships. Therefore, it is important to explain to a partner your fears and fears, and this should be done in such a way as not to hurt the other person's pride.

Total control over the life of a partner can also contribute to the extinction of love. Leave private space to each other. No need to strive to learn all-all about the partner.A little bit of mystery, and you will be much more interesting to be together. The feeling of freedom will inspire a woman to decorate her appearance, and a man - to compliment. And remember that uncertainty and doubt will not be solid ground for a strong relationship.

The other side is lack of attention. We get so used to our loved ones that over time we take them for granted. We praise each other less, communicate less often, spend less time together. It is necessary to maintain mutual interest and warmth, to get new bright impressions together, to develop.

Another feeling that can extinguish the flame of love is selfishness. And most often this affects the fair sex. She will perceive a man only as a means of satisfying her desires or as a thing that always belongs only to her. Such behavior will scare anyone away. Therefore, if you really want to regain lost relationships, conquer in yourself this selfish feeling of ownership.

Secrets of the revival of feelings

When people are just starting to meet, they only experience positive emotions and mutual feelings, but over time they can fade away.Then a man and a woman understand that they need to do something. Both of them should think about how to develop feelings that were once passionate and passionate.

  • It is known that everyday problems interfere with feelings. So try to minimize cleaning or cooking, trips to the supermarket one by one. Try more often to go to entertainment, relax outside the home. This is how you not only get new impressions, but also a charge of positive emotions.
  • Gifts for girls without a reason in the form of sweets or bouquets are pleasant, but they also get bored. A spontaneous kiss or declaration of love can bring more joy.
  • Sometimes it is useful to relax from each other. For example, go to different cities or live separately. Separation will enhance feelings. And for conversations formed a bunch of new topics. While others argue that, on the contrary, joint rest strengthens the senses. Such a difference in the judgments suggests that each pair needs to find its own “cure” for cooling the senses.
  • If you are separated from each other, then you need to re-develop mutual interest. To do this, talk more often with your loved one, be interested in his life, help him.A good way to liven up relationships is a new, shared hobby. Try to find as many common interests as possible, and everything will be fine, you just need to put a little effort.