How to disassemble a torpedo?

So often there are questions about how to disassemble the torpedo of a car, without resorting to the service station. And this is not surprising, because why pay for something that you can easily do yourself. Some change the instrument panel in order to create a new look inside the car, so to speak, to distinguish themselves in design. Others are forced to remove the torpedo in order to replace the wiring or repair something. So, we will consider two models of cars, namely VAZ 2110 and �Lada Kalina�.

How to disassemble a torpedo VAZ 2110

First we list the tools we need. The first is, of course, the standard set of screwdrivers and wrenches. We will also need self-adhesive labels and a marker. And actually, proceed to the instructions. Do not forget that it is very important to do everything carefully and in stages.

First, we use wrenches, as it is necessary to remove the steering wheel, so that in the future it does not interfere with us. At this stage, you release the steering wheel nut, after which you need not only to loosen it in different directions, but also to pull it tight.

Next, you need to rid the cabin of the front seats. To do this, just disconnect the fasteners that are installed on them. After passing this stage, the path to the floor tunnel will be free and it can be disassembled by unscrewing the screws. Do not forget that there is a lower part of the tunnel, which you can also disassemble.

Now you need to remove the shift paddles. To do this, remove the screws on the steering column cover and remove the screws. This is where you need a marker and labels that mark the wires and connectors. In the future, it will help to collect the torpedo back.

And so it came to dismantling the glove box. Remove the mounting block and relay. Also mark the wire marker, so as not to get confused.

And finally unscrew several studs that are under the covers of the air ducts and screws. Then you will see again the wires that you mark, and disconnect the torpedo.

How to disassemble a torpedo on Kalina

Now go to the "Lada Kalina." All we need is a short screwdriver, which has a cross-shaped blade, 13mm and 10mm end heads, and pliers with interchangeable nozzles.And again in steps we follow the instructions.

Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the crankcase protection. Then take two hoses in order to drain the coolant.

Turn away a nut of fastening of a heater to a guard of a motor compartment, using a head of 10 mm. Next, remove the filter, facing the floor of the tunnel, under the steering column and steering cover.

Remove the mounting fuse box, while disconnecting the wires from the pads. And disconnect the ECU connector, which is under the glove compartment. Also remove the radio.

Next you need to disconnect the steering column from the cross member, to do this, unscrew the nuts and bolts. And go to the door, where in the central part and along the edges you move the seal and take out the fastening caps. Now you can remove the front pillar trim.

And the last stages are to remove the lining, which is located at the windshield, for this you need to unscrew the screws. Under it and near the shield of the engine compartment, it is necessary to remove another seven screws. Next, a view of the recess under the windshield will open, unscrew the two nuts and remove the plastic covers on the sides, which will allow you to pull out the instrument panel.