How to distinguish back pain

You will need
  • - warming cream;
  • - medical checkup
If the lumbar pain is caused by trauma, i.e. it occurred after a fall from a height or a sharp back strike, or after a weight transfer, you must first exclude a fracture or hernia of the intervertebral disk, as well as various injuries of the intervertebral ligaments and joints. This can be determined by a trauma surgeon or surgeon. Therefore, the patient must be taken to a medical facility. If the person cannot move independently, call an ambulance.
Listen to the pain. The occurrence of a herniated disc can be recognized by the following symptoms: acute "shooting" pain in the back, which spreads to the thigh and the whole leg up to the base of the foot. Relief pain helps lying on his back or side with legs slightly bent.
The occurrence of pulling sensations in the lower back, accompanied by temperature, may be caused by inflammatory diseases of the kidneys.Turn to the side to see what caused the symptoms described. With kidney disease, the pain does not increase. It is also characteristic of kidney inflammation that the patient cannot lie straight, he wants to bend his back and roll over on his side.
Radiculitis and osteochondrosis is characterized by the fact that pain increases during movement. It is impossible to turn to the side or straighten your back straight.
Eliminate the mechanical causes of pain. So, the lumbar spine can hurt after sleep, if the patient falls asleep in an uncomfortable position or on an uncomfortable bed. There is pain after a long workout due to stretching or overstressing the back muscles. Particularly common back pain associated with unusual physical exertion. In this case, the back begins to hurt within a few hours after the load.
In any case, unless the pain is caused by an uncomfortable position in a dream or an overstrain of the back, consult a doctor so that he prescribes the correct treatment.