How to do tricks on a skateboard?

Would you like to experience the adrenaline rush, riding on a skateboard through the city streets. At the same time please yourself with skill and skill? This article will tell you in detail how to learn how to do tricks on a skateboard.

Skateboarding tricks

The basis of skating is a trick called “Ollie”. He really is one of the most important on a skateboard. After all, many of the pedestrians around are amazed at the craftsmanship, at the sight of the performance of “Ollie” through some small object, such as a bucket, cistern or trash can. There is a feeling that skaters smear the sole of their shoe with glue. Because, when jumping, the board should be exactly in the place where the skater jumps - it really, at first glance, is surprising.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to understand how to do tricks on a skateboard. This, at first glance, seems like an overwhelmingly difficult task. The main thing is to first study and mentally present accurate and consistent actions. So, let's begin.


The technique of performing such a trick as “Ollie” is different for everyone. Someone puts the legs closer, and someone wider.But this is not the case, the main thing is that when performing a trick you are comfortable, and it is not so important that you will not be punctual in performing this trick.

Acceleration, take not big, put the foot of the leading foot closer to the front bolts, and the foot with which you push off from the earth's surface - on the tail part. Knees in a bent position, be ready to jump by the method of click or Hood.

  • Click. Click - one of the most important components in the "Olli". It is necessary to make a quick push with your free foot along the tail of the board, and at the same time push off from the asphalt together with the skateboard. This jump looks almost the same as a jump on one leg. It is necessary to push off with a free leg, at the same time, to extend the leader. The faster and harder the click, the more beautiful and higher the “Ollie” will be.
  • Exhaust hood Hood - the next important element in this trick. As soon as the tail of the board takes off from the ground, and the nose is lifted, it is necessary to immediately extend your board. In this case, the foot of the leading leg should be bent inward. And moving it forward and up, you raise the board, taking it off the ground. After you need to stand still for a moment in the air, then press your knees to your chest.And the board will turn over on the fly. Next you need to land properly.
  • Landing. Landing - the final part of the "Olli". Due to improper landing, you can break the board, and in the worst case, to secure a fracture of the limbs. Therefore it is necessary to be careful. The main thing is to control the center of gravity of your body during the flight. While in flight, you must follow when the board completes the spin. In these seconds you should straighten both legs and try to get on his feet. If you succeeded, then you should move standing on the board. In case of failure, you should gently and carefully land your feet on the ground.


If you have mastered the “Olli” well, you can start learning the trick called “Nollie”. First try to try on the spot, without moving. Put one toga on the nose of the board, and the other foot on the center of the board. Movement must be simultaneous. Hit the nose of the board with your first foot and at the same time move the other leg to the tail of the board. The stronger the blow to the nose, the higher the board jumps.

Remember that not everything is given the first time, this requires practice! Try again and again, and then you will succeed.Now you know the basics of how to do tricks on a skateboard. Good luck to you!