How to make a word analysis?

Vera Melnikova
Vera Melnikova
November 17, 2014
How to make a word analysis?

Phonetic analysis of a word, or sound-letter, is one type of analysis in Russian that is necessary for the formation of skills to distinguish letters from sounds, not to confuse the written record of a word with its pronunciation. This is especially important because very often the spelling and pronunciation of words are significantly different. Therefore, phonetic analysis contributes to the development of both oral and written speech.

How to make a word analysis? What difficulties can there be with this?

The order of phonetic analysis of the word

To conduct a phognetic analysis of a word, it is necessary:

  • divide the word into syllables, define the stressed syllable.
  • transcribe the entire word, i.e., record the word sounds.
  • to characterize vowel sounds: drums - unstressed.
  • to characterize consonants: voiced - deaf, hard - soft, determining in each case whether they are paired or not. If the sound is sound, then write it (m, n, l, p).
  • write how many sounds and letters in a given word.

When conducting this type of analysis there may be some difficult points that you need to know about.

Difficult cases of phonetic analysis of the word

  • The letters E, E, Yu, I can denote one sound, if they are after the consonant, softening it, and two sounds, if they are in a different position: e = [y], e = [yo], i = [ya], y = [yu];

For example: spruce: e = [ye]; stump: e = [e] and the softness of sound [n].

  • Always solid, unpaired consonant sounds: f, sh, c;
  • Always soft unpaired consonant sounds: h, u, y;
  • Paired consonants for deafness - sonority: b, p, f, g, k, dt, zs, gf;
  • Before the vowel sound And the consonants soften.
  • Stunning - sonorous consonant pronounced as deaf.
  • Tone - deaf consonant is pronounced like a ringing voice.

Example of phonetic analysis of a word


  • I-ma, two syllables, the first - the shock.
  • Transcription: [yama].
  • I - [s] - consonant, soft, unpaired, sonorous, unpaired.
  • I - [a] - vowel, shock
  • m - [m] - consonant, solid, pair, sonorous, unpaired, sonorous.
  • a - [a] is a vowel, unstressed.
  • 4 sounds, 3 letters.