How to draw a hero?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 11, 2013
How to draw a hero?

Often in schools in literature classes as a creative task, teachers ask schoolchildren to draw the characters' works at home. Such a hero can be a hero, because tales of heroes and epics are included in the school curriculum. How to draw a warrior so that he turned out beautiful and similar to the present? On the Internet you will find many instructions for drawing a hero. You can use. One of these instructions we offer you today.

How to draw a hero? Gradually consider this issue. First decide what kind of hero you will draw. For example, Ilya Muromets, like all his hero friends, needs to draw only with his permanent companion - the horse. You need to start with the designation of contours of the hero and the horse.

  • You can look at the picture with the image of the hero. On the sheet, put the points at which and connect the contours. You need to draw a little man out of sticks, adding an oval head to him.
  • Now you can make all the figures volume.To do this, a little (per centimeter) to retreat from the frame of rods and points and draw an external silhouette. Now the figures should acquire clearer contours.
  • It is necessary to finish the horse a magnificent mane and tail. To do this, on the horse in the right places draw wavy lines. On the hooves also draw "fringe." On the head of the hero, draw a semicircle, make a small triangle on top to make a hat. Now you need to draw on the figure of a warrior clothes, and on his feet - boots.
  • How to draw a hero? Pencil try to make this picture correctly. In order for the hero to be exactly similar to the present, you need to finish the sword a little higher than his boots. Just draw a sword blade, then a pen.
  • Now you need to draw a horse harness, and the hero - protective armor.
  • It is necessary to draw a horse's eyes and the outline of the nose. Bogatyr can draw with a formidable facial expression. Beard, nose and eyes - the face of the hero.