How to draw a kangaroo?

Ildar Yunusov
Ildar Yunusov
November 17, 2014
How to draw a kangaroo?

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How to draw a kangaroo?

It is not necessary to be an artist to be able to draw a kangaroo - an animal that lives in Australia. If you do not know how to draw a kangaroo, simply follow the order of the drawing steps outlined in this article.

Draw the outline of a kangaroo with a pencil

In drawing it is important to begin with the general and approximate outlines of an animal figure. Specifying details in the future, you will quickly achieve the desired pattern.

Head and Torso

Draw a circle in the right corner of the sheet - the head of a kangaroo. On the head on the right, draw a square with a slightly rounded upper right corner, you get a snout. Just below the head, on the left side of the sheet, draw a large oval: this will be the kangaroo's torso. Connect the resulting figures in two lines, and you get the neck of the animal.

Paws and tail

In order to get the shape of the paws, on the big oval, draw two small ovals on the left and right, and in the lower part of each of them are elongated horizontal rectangles. For the paws at the upper body, draw two ovals at the base of the neck.To the one on the left, draw another oval - the place of the junction of the figures will be an elbow.kangarooAt the edges of both paws, draw two circles - the palms. It remains to draw the outline of the tail in the lower part of the body of a kangaroo.

Add details

Draw two beads above the face - eyes. On the head ears, and on the face draw a nose and a smile. On the front and back paws, draw your fingers, and do not forget to draw a line on the kangaroo’s stomach, indicating the bag that makes this animal famous.

Get rid of extra lines

When all the details have found their place in the figure, you can erase all auxiliary lines. Add some color, draw a background to make the drawing more vivid and interesting. In the background you can draw trees, and you can add a few kangaroos, because now you know how to do it!