How to draw a park?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
April 2, 2013
How to draw a park?

If you are planning to become an artist, you should definitely try to paint a landscape. Where can you find the most beautiful landscape nearby? Of course, in the park. But to understand how to draw a park, you need to use the step-by-step instruction. And of course, choose paints, pencils, and maybe markers to depict the landscape of the park.

Step one

The first thing that is needed is to find the desired image or draw from life. Do not begin to depict flowers, benches and ducks, start with a sketch, similar features and images. Before drawing the whole park, pay attention to all the details: where the branch from the tree will be in the picture, where to leave space for a pond or bench, etc. Sketch as in school, draw a horizon line, then draw an image of trees, bushes (on the background). Draw the outlines of benches, do not draw completely, just common lines.

Step two

In order to understand how to draw a park with a pencil so that the lines are clear and the drawing is not “stained”, turn to minimalism.Several trees in the distance, one or two benches, one tree on the right or near the left. Start with this tree, draw clear branches and a trunk for it. Circle the benches so that they are distinct, draw partitions.

Step Three

Dorisovyvaem tree, leaves, bark, grass under the tree. You can also portray a person or any object on the bench. Decide what it will be. You can even draw a dog. It is necessary that this object attracted the eye, it will be the main point, but it may not be in the center, but slightly to the left or to the right. Clearly draw the line of the fence, draw a path near it. Knowing how to draw the park in stages will help you finish the drawing correctly. You can add a little green hedge, a few bushes, more leaves.

Step Four

Now is the moment, the final picture. It is necessary to shade with pencil all the trees, make grass, roads. Add shadows, make them near a tree, a bench. Shade with a pencil. You can also at this stage use paints for coloring the landscape.